Our Soundscene

For anyone who vaguely recalls the Woking / GU postcode area music scene.


  • Something Religious

    Something Religious

    (c’91-93) – Ben Martyn (guitar/vocals), Dominic Coles (drums), Ray Goodsall (guitar), Wayne Arnold (bass).

    This Bagshot based band played 100% original guitar indie, that showed influence from The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and The Charletons. Coles had just departed Sugar Mountain, but by March ’91 was with the band appearing at The Old Trout, Windsor, returning on 17 April with The Ha Ha Men and Big Wednesday.

    17 April 1991. Picture courtesy of Nathan Argonaut

    A couple of months later, across the 12 to 15 June ’91 the West End Centre, Aldershot hosted 18 bands for the first rounds of the Buzz Club’s MidSummer Madness Local Indie/Rock Band Competition. The first night saw Hung Inverted, Big Wednesday, My Blue Heaven, Not Just a Pretty Face, and Something Religious battle it out. Emile Martyn (keyboards) joined in late ’91 / early ’92. Then sometime in ’92 Emilie Martyn pick up the bass from Arnold, Drew ‘Chalkey’ Sayer took over his keyboard duties, Simon Pulling (drums) replaced Coles, and James Collins (guitar) did the same with Goodsall.


  • The Nonkey Brothers

    The Nonkey Brothers

    (c’86-’87 & ’89-’00) Pete Marshall (bass), and Steve Mann (vocals/guitar)

    This Yateley / Sandhurst band was formed from the ashes of X-pressure by Marshall and Mann in ’86, performing at The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst on 22 November ’86. A gig that was recorded and released on cassette as ‘Let’s Be Salad’. A month later, on 27 December they were supporting Split Into at Frogmore School, Yateley with the addition of Paul Rance on drums, and Graham ? on bass who the duo had know from early incarnations of Shoot The Moon.

    The initial duo began writing songs, often with explicit comedic lyrics and approachable chord progessions; such as “Dateline” about a guy with a penchant for woman with big breasts, “The Birds and the Bees” and “Stickle”, developing a set perfect for foot-tapping sing-alongs. By ’87 the duo had written and recorded in Marshall’s bedroom, on a Tascam 4-track cassette portastudio with the aid of a Boss ‘Doctor Rhythm’ drum machine, 62 songs. These, in addition to ‘Let’s Be Salad’, were released over three cassettes: ‘Wind Ya Neck In’, ‘No Sleep ’til Chipping Norton’, and ‘Nightmare on Darby Green Lane’. This was followed by a best of cassette titled ‘The Second Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle’, which carried 29 tracks.

    The band’s third and final gig was at the Sandhurst Carnival 1987. Andy Smith, formerly of “Which One’s Maurice?”, took over the sticks from Rance while Simon Leppard grabbed the bass. The band reportedly folded thanks to a girlfriend and religion, and Marshall moved onto to play with Night Train to Memphis.

    Marshall met Nigel Groves, in ’89, who had an Amiga and some MIDI music software. Together they wrote a new set of explicit comedic tracks. The embryo of The [New] Nonkey Brothers was formed. They were joined by classically trained pianist Mike Auld (keyboards) who became the third Nonkey Brother. Later that year the band released 26 tracks as the ‘Now That’s What We Call Crap Too’ cassette LP. The following year The Nonkey Brother’s ‘Something’ hit the streets, packed with 23 tracks.

    ’91 was also the year the band decided to continue playing live. Leppard was back on bass and Richard “Dickie” Aitken, a work colleague of Groves, joined on drums. Cassette LP ‘Lionel Blair’ was released sometime during that same year followed by ‘Squat Diddley Poke’ in ’92 and ‘Stickerly On Garfield’ and ‘Santa Comes But Once A Year’ in ’93. We are also aware of an appearance on 17 July ’93 at Mr Bumbles, Blackwater.

    Just as The Who, Genesis, and Pink Floyd before them, The Nonkey Brothers then wrote ‘Geek’ a rock opera / musical that was released in ’96; but it never made it to stage or film. After ‘Geek’, which took the band three years to write, they took a break, releasing the double cassette compilation LPs ‘Toilet Volume 1 (The First 10 Years)’ and ‘Toilet Volume 2 (The First 10 Years)’ in the interim. After a two year break they were back in ’98 with ‘Barsebuffknutt’, that included tracks recorded at No Machine Studios, Wokingham with the current line-up of Marshall, Auld, Dominic Brown on bass, and Andy Rowney on drums. The complete No Machine Sessions were released later that year as the ‘Pick a Finger’ demo on CD.

    Late in ’98 the band recorded most of their 6 December appearance at Glen Events Comedy Night, Glen Eyre Halls of Residence, University of Southampton. This live recording was subsequently released as ‘Rooteetoot’. The last we know of The Nonkey Brothers is the year 2000’s 17 track ‘Large Tough Chicken’ CD.


  • Empyre


    (c’85-’86) Steve Arnold (vocals), Dean Balchin (guitar), Mark Randon (guitar), Ian “Wez” Westley (bass), and Paul Stevens (drums)

    Heavy metalers, Empyre played many a local gig, including The Queen’s Head, Horsham on 21 September ’85 and Chiddingfold Club on 17 January ’86. The band also ventured up into London, supporting Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts at the Marquee in 22 March ’86.

    Early in ’86 the band released “Hidden Powers”, a single-sided demo cassette; recorded at the 16- track Abbeydale Studios, London. The production run was so limited, but over 100, they were able to hand-number each cassette. Later in the year Empyre took the the first two tracks from “Hidden Powers” and self released, on the Monterrez label [EMP1], a 7″ double-A side single that carried “World’s Apart” and “Swordplay”. Engineered by Jeremy Freedman and privately pressed by SRT record company [SRT6KS774], this is currently the last information we have on the band.

    Westley joined Trashqueen in ’88, although he is referenced as an ex-member of Monterey – a possible mix up with the Monterrez label. Towards the end of ’88, ex-Kyoto Rose / Trashqueen guitarist Phil Brookes pulled Calamity Sax together and roped in Westley. He went on to become General Manager of Mushroom Records where Garbage, Muse, Ash, Zero 7 and Paul Oakenfeld were launched and is now Hassle Records label manager and manages a number of bands. He is co-owner of Full Time Hobby (the holding company for Hassle) whose first release was Portland, Oregon based duo Viva Voce’s EP “Alive With Pleasure”.


  • The 1985 Gig List

    The 1985 Gig List

    What follows is a list of gigs, with images of tickets, adverts and flyers where possible, either at GU postcode venues or featuring bands, listed in bold, we like to claim are part of the Woking/GU Soundscene in 1985:

    January 3
    The Royal, Guildford: Tokyo Blade

    January 4
    The Royal, Guildford: Slow Motion w/ F-File, The Bar Flies and Dance on Glass

    January 10
    The Royal, Guildford: Chain Reaction w/ Tour De Force

    January 11
    Emmanuael Chapel, Woking: Salt Solution

    January 12
    The Royal, Guildford: Icemen

    January 17
    The Royal, Guildford: Jackie Lynton

    January 18
    Keyhole Club, St. John’s: Salt Solution
    The Royal, Guildford: Eddie & The Hotrods

    January 24
    Woking College, Woking: Salt Solution

    January 25
    University of Surrey, Guildford: Clint Eastwood and General Saint

    February 1
    The Royal, Guildford: Flow Motion w/ by Siere Novar

    Poster for Flow Motion supported by Siere Novar at The Royal, 1 Februsry 1985. Picture courtesy of Du Kane

    February 9
    The Old Schoolhouse, Woking: Dark Paradise w/ F-File

    February 14
    The Royal, Guildford: Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts
    The Talbot, Ripley: Collective Sound

    February 15
    The Royal, Guildford: Private Patients
    Hand and Spear, Weybridge: Nick Dow
    The Blue Anchor, Staines: The Tease

    February 16
    The Blue Anchor, Byfleet: Milky Bar Kids w/ FEG
    The Royal, Guildford: Krewmen

    February 18
    The Royal, Guildford: Seconds Out

    February 20
    The Royal, Guildford: Here and Now

    February 21
    The Royal, Guildford: Backstage Pass
    The West End Centre, Aldershot: Spliff Riff w/ African Connexion
    Englefield Green Social Hall: Geneva w/ Blank Generation

    February 22
    The Royal, Guildford: Press Any Key
    Hand and Spear, Weybridge: Allan Taylor

    February 23
    South Hill Park, Bracknell: Bryony
    The Royal, Guildford: Joker’s Wild

    February 26
    Southill Park, Bracknell: The Bill Brunskill Band
    The Royal, Guildford: Icemen

    February 27
    The Royal, Guildford: Siege

    February 28
    The Royal, Guildford: Jackie Lynton

    March 1
    Hand and Spear, Weybridge: Sarah Morgan And Mary Eagle?
    Horse, Slough: Geneva

    March 2
    Hand and Spear, Weybridge: Sheila March and Alison Muir
    Village Hall, Hambledon: Cabina Telefonica w/ Why

    March 5
    Hand and Spear, Weybridge: George Melly w/ John Chilson’s Feetwarmers

    March 12
    100 Club, London: Annie Anxiety, Current 93, D&V, and Death In June

    March 14
    La Sébale, Paris, France: Death In June

    March 20
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: The Plague w/ 16 Guns

    March 22
    Youth Club, Virginia Water: Salt Solution
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: Page Three

    April 1
    The Old Schoolhouse, Woking: Miss Woking Pop Cabaret

    April 4
    Fashion, Trieste, Italy: Death In June

    April 5
    The Royal, Guildford: Suspect Tomorrow w/ Runestaff, and Page Three
    Unknown venue, Venice, Italy: Death In June

    April 6
    The Royal, Guildford: Function w/ Capricorn
    Suburbia, Perugia, Italy: Death In June

    April 7
    Salt Peanuts, Florence, Italy: Death In June

    April 8
    Church Hall, Walton: The Tease
    Unknown venue, Bologna, Italy: Death In June

    April 11
    Wilfred Noyce Youth Centre, Godalming: Cabina Telefonica w/ Technik
    The Royal, Guildford: Geneva w/ Chaser

    April 12
    Squash Club, West Byfleet: Mike Allen
    The Royal, Guildford: Dirty Strangers w/ Neptune’s Oceans
    Blue Anchor, Byfleet: Milky Bar Kids w/ Juniper Tunes

    April 13
    The Royal, Guildford: Jackie Lynton w/ Lazy Train

    April 14
    The Maltings, Farnham: The 4th Farnham Folk Day – Alistair Anderson, The Blades, The Boothill Foot-Tappers, Cluster Of Nuts Band, Eric, Dick Gaughan, Maggoe Holland & Chris Coe, Sarah & Dave Horne, Dave Hunt, Joe Hutton with Willie Taylor & Will Atkinson, Flaco Jimenez Tex-Mex Band featuring Peter Rowan, Debby McClatchy, The Oyster Band, Rogue Morros, The Seven Champions, Kathryn Tickell, Trubshaw’s Hawaiians, Eddie Upton, and Bob Walton.

    April 17
    The Royal, Guildford: The Plague

    April 18
    The Royal, Guildford: Man & Buzzard

    April 19
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: F-File
    The Old Schoolhouse, Woking: LongPig w/ Joy of Life

    April 20
    The Royal, Guildford: Mammoth w/ Suspect

    April 23
    The Royal, Guildford: Robin George
    Unknown venue, Perugia, Italy: Death In June

    April 24
    The Royal, Guildford: The Magic Mushroom Band
    Stoke Hotel, Guildford: Clark Tracey’s CT3+2

    April 25
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: Joker’s Wild w/ Siere Novar
    South Hill Park, Bracknell: What The Curtains

    April 27
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: Kolors Band
    Pilgrim’s Wine Bar, Alton: Indigo Swing

    May 1
    Jazz Club, The Old Schoolhouse, Woking: Humphrey Lyttleton and the Mike Peters Famous Jazz Band
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: Fungus

    May 2
    Club Royal, The Royal, Guildford: John Coghlan’s Diesel Band
    Kavern Club, The Old Schoolhouse, Woking: Sang Froid w/ KURRU and 20 Flight Rockers

    KURRU supported Sang Froid at the first Kavern Club night at the Old Schoolhouse, Woking on 2 May 1985, with 20 Flight Rockers. Picture courtesy of Sharon Pilling

    May 9
    The Old Schoolhouse: Dark Paradise

    May 10
    Blue Anchor, Staines: The Tease

    May 20
    The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town: The Self w/ XL and Five O’Clock High

    May 22
    Civic Hall, Guildford: The Alarm

    May 25
    Brookwood Church, Brookwood: God in Action w/ Salt Solution

    June 10
    Tramshead Thearte, Woolwich: Five O’Clock High

    June 21
    Blue Anchor, Byfleet: The 68 Floods

    June 28
    Keyhole Club, St. John’s: Salt Solution

    July 19
    Frogmore Community College, Yateley: Split Into w/ Which One’s Maurice?, and X-pressure

    July 20
    Community Centre, Frimley: Sons Of Pride w/ Zad Turned Blue and Spike Team

    August 17
    Private Party, Camberley: Spike Team w/ The Charles

    August 19
    Westborough United Reform Church: Salt Solution

    August 26
    Greenbelt Fringe, Stage 1: Salt Solution

    August 31
    Lentheric Morny Social Club, Camberley: Spike Team

    October 5
    Community Centre, Frimley: Spike Team w/ Shadow Gallery, New Outrage, The Charles and Dear Departed

    October 12
    Mission, Emmanuel Chapel, Surbiton: Salt Solution

    October 18
    Emmanuel Church, Woking: Salt Solution

    October 25
    Civic Hall, Guildford: Everything But The Girl w/ The Apartments

    23 October 1985: Everything But The Girl with The Apartments. Source: Diana Constantine via Guildford Town Past & Present

    November 1
    Main Hall, University of Surrey, Guildford: Eek-A-Mouse w/ Spliff Riff

    November 2
    The Room at The Top, Haverstock Hill: The Housemartins w/ Go! Service

    November 3
    Lower Bar, University of Surrey, Guildford: Namoza

    November 5
    Lower Bar, University of Surrey, Guildford: Dave Walters Band

    November 15
    University of Surrey, Guildford: Miller Family w/ Function

    November 20
    University of Surrey, Guildford: Captain Sensible

    December 6
    Keyhole Club, St. John’s: Salt Solution
    Farnborough Tech, Farnborough: West One

    December 7
    University of Surrey, Guildford: The Pogues

    December 13
    Westborough United Reform Church: Salt Solution

    December 20
    Richard Barnes 21st Party: Salt Solution

    December 21
    – “Gig for Africa”, The Dorking Halls, Dorking: N.B.T., Screen Gems, Paint the Clown Red, 3rd Spiritual Foundation, Great Garden, Endless Party, Body Politic, Ob Jay Da, Line Design, The Rapids, Banned from Uncle, Best Behaviour, Hohokam, Shoot! Dispute, Hoorah! Boys Hoorah!, Cardiacs

  • Nikki Papas / Nicky Pappas

    Nikki Papas / Nicky Pappas

    (c’58 – 14) Nikki Papas (guitar / vocals)

    Papas was part of the Nicky Papas Trio who played Opportunity Knocks in 1974, competing against Lena Zavaroni. But let’s roll back to ’59 when he released “49th State Rock”, on Red Parlophone 7″ [R4590] with “Try Again” on the b-side. The A-side was also to appeared 56 years later on Smith & Co’s 2015 compilation album “Wide Skirts, Drape Coats & Brothel Creepers, Vol. 5”. This first single was co-written with Morgan ‘Thunderclap’ Jones and Bill Crompton, and Papas recorded songs with Jones in the 50’s and 60’s.

    In May the next year he released the 7″ single “By The River”, again on Parlophone [R4652] which carried “Don’t Leave Me Alone” on the B-side. As a solo performer he could be seen in many of the local pubs and clubs, as well as the odd wedding. Sing-a-long’s with Nikki were an almost nightly occurrence starting in about ’71 through the late ’80s, by which time his name was being written Nicky. The Red Lion, Chobham; Castle, Upper Hale; Crimea, Aldershot; Golden Fleece, Elstead; New Forest Inn, Holt Pound; and Claremont, West Byfleet all hosted Papas; along with many others.

    In December ’87 he ended a 16 year weekly residency at the Golden Fleece, Elstead. In ’89 the Joe Methuselah Award in the Phil Gibby farewell honors was his. Most recently, on 14 February 2012, he appeared on Dell Richardson’s Good Rocking Tonight on Radio Caroline and in 2014 released “The Pitch and Toss (And The Doublecross) 7” on Fury UK [F1000] with The Fireballs UK taking the B-side with “Cherokee War Dance”. “The Pitch and Toss” was recorded by Papas in ’59 and written by Crompton and Jones, and featured Jones on piano. Sadly, Nicky Papas pass away in 2017.



  • The Charles

    The Charles

    (c’85-88) Chris “Charles Remix / Count Five” Carter (vocals), Ben “Benedik Charles” Williams (guitar), Ian “Jacob” Merrick (bass) and Shawn “Tarquin Experiment” Parlour (drums).

    22 August ’87: The Charles & MMATT’s joint encore at Heatherside. Picture courtesy of Mick Magic

    Formed by, ex-members of The Activities, Williams and Merrick, in early ’85 they were joined by Parlour shortly after, followed by former Lethal Dose and Panzer Korps vocalist Carter in August ’85. Over the next two years three demo cassettes were released and a collobrative release with Magic Moment at Twilight Time.The first was ‘A View From A Boiler’ in May ’86, the 6 track (including “Knob”. Ides of March” and “Helter Skelter”). Then, released on 6 May ’87, ‘The Charles with Magic Moments A.T.T.’ carried the track “Mick & Chris On Acid”, the first collaboration MMATT did with The Charles. The Community Centre, Frimley hosted the band and MMATT on 27 June ’87 and a month later ‘The Whirligig Cassette’ came along. On 22 August that year The Charles and Magic Moment at Twilight Time were at Heatherside Community Centre, with The Charles hitting The Bridge House, Bracknell seven days later. The collaboration known as The Grain, of which The Charles were a part, organized an outdoor festival at Highlands Farm, Frimley Green on 20 September to raise funds for Greenpeace. Along with The Charles, MMATT, Slack Bladder; Momentum Morae and At Twilight Time appeared. Then in November ’87 the 8 track cassette album ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’ hit the streets. Three of the bands tracks were feature on “Mick & Chris On Acid…The Album!” and a live set was released, on cassette and given away free to compensate fans for a cancelled gig, called ‘Live…and Sorry’.

    They gigged at venues around Camberley and up into London, including The Agincourt and Dingwalls. Some interest was show in the band by the Screaming Marionettes with a possible slot on their tour and The Stringrays manager also reportedly sniffed around. The band’s last gig was at The Crypt, Deptford, supporting The Magic Mushroom Band, in December ’87, officially breaking up a few months later and pulling out of a second headlining gig at The Crypt on 18 March ’88 with MMATT supporting; MMATT still got the support slot, but for The Pink Fairies instead. The poster artwork for this cancelled gig was created by the award winning “H Is For Hawk” author, Helen MacDonald; who was dating Parlour at the time. A number of factors lead to the demise of The Charles: The theft of Parlourn’s drum kit before Christmas and the departure of Williams, who was replaced by an ill-fitting Jason Grey, amongst them.

    Poster, designed by Helen MacDonald, for The Charles, 18 March ’88h gig at The Crypt, that never happened…. Picture courtesy of Mick Magic

    In July 2015 a “Live At The Grain Festival” MP3 was released, carrying 4 tracks over 18 minutes of the band on the only surviving recording from The Grain Festival, staged at Highland Farm in Frimley Green on 20th Sept ’87.



  • Ribs


    (c’77-78) Ian Balchin (guitar / vocals), Butch Beagley (guitar / lead vocals), Richard “Taff” Evans (drums) and Duncan Redpath (bass)

    All the members of this four piece attended Woking Grammer School. They released one 7″ on Woking based Aerco Records (AERS 101) in ’78, featuring the Ribs logo designed by Jeremy Evans and carrying “Man With No Brain” on the A-Side and “Long Time Coming” on the flipside, with both tracks produced by Steve C. Smith and engineered by John Reddie; who are both better known for their engineering and production work for classical and medieval music. Smith attended the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey, and it is believed that Ribs’ single was recorded at the university’s studios.

    Ribs had signed the recording contract following a gig in The Albion, Woking. The Albion was one of the many local venues they played, a list that included the Centre Halls, Woking (on 1 December ’77 supported by Outpatients). Unfortunately, Sounds and Melody Maker were not particularly positive about “Man With No Brain”.

    Balchin, of Byfleet, was known to News & Mail staff as one of five Woking Grammer boys who came to the paper’s offices to complain about the schools “get your hair cut” ultimatum.



  • Noit Otni & The Pits

    Noit Otni & The Pits

    (c’79-80) – Robert “Noit” Jacob (guitar), Bev Lillywhite (keyboards), “Valentine Orson” (bass), and Charles “Lofty” Lawton (drums).

    Managed by the spurious Sydney Arbor-Bridge – it’s unclear if all the band member names above are real – the band could be seen regularly gigging in Woking and Guildford. Noit Otni released the “A Heart Can Only Be Broken Once” double A-side single in December of ’79 on Automotive Records (AERS 107) with “Moving Target” on the “B-side”.

    Picture courtesy of Fred Pipes

    Automotive was a one-off DIY label; Aerco Records, of Woking, were responsible for the recording, from where it gets its catalog series. Under the slogan ‘Rock Against Rock’ on the 18 December ’79 there was a launch party for the record at The Wooden Bridge, Guildford. The band were back at The Wooden Bridge on 9 February ’80 for a Barbed Wire benefit that saw Noit Otni & the Pits and UBz support The Vapors, who were too famous to put on the bill so were listed as The Japanese Prisoners.

    In 1980, the Barbed Wire fanzine Issue #5, Vol.3 No.1 featured the band who later changed their name to Square One. Jacob went on to join The Alligators and had his Aquamass production featured on Granada television in 2000:

    You could catch Jacob every Thursday at Griffin Bar’s jazz night at HG Wells Suite or with his partner Beverly Chadwick, of Casual Sax fame, at Hugo’s. Jacob died suddenly on April 11, 2005 following a stroke.



  • Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge

    (c’81-82) Steve Baker (guitar), Al Dick (vocals), Nick Hudson (drums), Keith Renton (bass) and David Raphael (keyboard/harmonica).

    Picture courtesy of Steve Baker

    Managed by Steve Riley and Marcus Reynolds, who already had one top 40 band on their resume, they gigged extensively in the local area and up into London; including Starlight Club, Hampstead; Laker’s Hotel, Redhill; Reading University supporting The Darts; and Farnborough Tech.

    Formed from ex-Squire / Panther / Bo and the Generals guitarist Baker, Panther vocalist Dick, Infra Red Helicopters’ Hudson on drums, ex-MI5 / Crisis member Renton on guitar, and ex-Panther keyboardist / harpist Raphael they recorded “Wheels in Motion” at Shepperton Studios. In ’82 Renton left when Dick and Baker “tid[ied] Keith’s words up a bit”. Drummer Hudson, also left around the same time, leaving Cutting Edge with the ex-Panther core of Dick, Baker and Raphael.



  • Panther


    (c’78-81) – David Raphael (keyboards / harmonica), Malcolm Dewhurst (drums), Ian Steward (bass), Al Dick (vocal / harmonica) and Steve Baker (lead & rhythm guitar).

    Panther at the bar of their regular practice venue. Picture courtesy of William de Kock

    The original ’78 line-up included Ian Smith (bass), and Erik Gibbons (?); Smith being replaced by Steward and for a few months Jim Homersham of Dr JJ’s Blues Band replaced Dick on vocals, until he left and Dick returned. Steve Busby (guitar) joined the band at around this time. Peter Cripps picked up the roadie / manager duties securing gigs at top flight venues, and when Busby didn’t return to the band after his vacation stood in on guitar for about 3 months. The band entered Chestnut Studios, Farnham for their first studio recording session, with Cripps undertaking production, in ’79. Cripps was still on guitar when Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts’, London hosted Panther on 28th August ’79, with a number of fans receiving tickets for free entry. Oft seen playing live at The Cricketers, Westfield, they supported The Jam at The Guildford Civic on 11 December 1980.

    Panther, at the Guildford Civic Hall, 11 December ’80, supporting The Jam. Picture by Keith Knowles courtesy of Steve Baker.

    Jon Harlow’s Tapeworm project’s first release was of Panther live at The Cricketer’s on 11 February ’81. Ray Mitchell’s Ebony Mobile Studio rolled up to the pub and run the wires through the bay window and recorded almost 50 minutes of live performance on their four-track system, putting 8 songs on each side. We also know that Panther supported The Alligators at The Junction, on the top floor of Bunters, Guildford on 10 July ’81. When David Raphael auditioned for Panther there was Ruth Gibbons (bass) Erik Gibbons (guitar), Dewhurst and Jane ? (lead guitar) and Homersham. Raphael replaced Dick on vocals / harmonica. At some point Pete Steadman, also joined the band.

    Original Panther members Raphael, Dewhurst, and Busby along with Nigel Turner played a reunion gig at the Apulstock Festival, Bosham on 19 July 2014.

    Dewhurst and Steward reportedly teamed up with Brian ? of The Fix after Panther folded in October ’81. Dick, Baker and Rapheal formed Cutting Edge with Nick Hudson (drums), Keith Renton (bass) in ’81. By ’85 Dewhurst was in China Heart with fellow Panther Raphael along with Brian Hanlon (vocals / guitar), and Nigel Turner (bass). Original members Raphael, and Dewhurst, along with Busby and Turner played a reunion gig at the Apulstock Festival, Bosham on 19th July 2014. Horsell resident Baker, who’d been in Squire prior to Panther, emigrated to Australia and played in The Beatlegs, regrettably died on New Years Day 2019. Steward and Homersham are also no longer with us. Dick, who may have changed his last name to Grant, has disappeared.



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