(c’82-85) Andy “D. Pig” Davis (bass, vocals), Gary “Gary Pig” Jackson (drums), Andy “R. Pig” Robertson (sax) and Michael “Ickabod Long” Ackroyd (vocals, synth).

Guildford born LongPig (often listed as Long Pig) gigged extensively in the Woking and Guildford area, including nights at the University of Surrey, and notably opening The Old Schoolhouse’s “The Jailhouse” club night. The band ventured further afield to the likes of The Batcave, at Heaven, London. James “Coco” Essua, a bouncer at Bunters, Guildford, would sometimes join them on stage playing the bongos.

Longpig played the May Bug Ball at University of Surrey on 7 May ’83, along with Creatures of Darkness, La Maison Du Chants, and Freedom Dance. The next month, on 6 June ’83, the band, along with Alien Sex Fiend and Sex Beat, supported Specimen at The Bat Cave, Heaven, London. At some point in ’83 they released their first vinyl; the self-released “Down To The Bone”, a 12″ featuring “The Batsong” on the A-side and “Darkboy” and “Primitive Sensibility” on the B.

On 2 March ’84 they released the James T. Pursey – aka Jimmy Pursey, the Sham 69 frontman – produced nine track vinyl LP “Of Love and Addiction” on Anagram Record [GRAM 11] which featured the Venomettes on “Batsong” playing violin. This same year saw the single “Why Do People Find Each Other Strange?” backed by “Darkboy” hit the shelves. This was also on the Anagram label and could be found in 7″ (ANA 21) and 12″ (12 ANA 21) versions. On the 19 April ’84, Longpig performed at the opening of the Jailhouse Club, held at The Old Schoolhouse, Woking. Exactly a year after the May Bug Ball, on 7 May 1984, the band headlined the bill for a University of Surrey New Wave Society event supported by La Maison Du Chants, Freedom Dance, Funtime for Phillip and The Dark Trio. This event got the band featured in The Werewolf fanzine. They were back at the University of Surrey for the June Jitterbug with Dark Paradise, D Fabulous, No Joy, Betrayed, and Asylum Sounds on 9 June ’84.

9 June 1984: Ticket for the June Jitterbug at University of Surrey with Longpig, D Fabulous, Dark Paradise, No Joy, Betrayed, and Asylum Sounds

In ’85 the band were part of Guildford Live Aid along with Steel Bill & The Buffalos and other bands. They were also to be found at the Sea Cadet Unit, Guildford on 13 April ’85 with Massacre Dive and Billy Gs.

LongPig’s “Earthrobbers” appeared on the “Give Me Some Cherry” compilation vinyl LP produced by Fabelsound for the Music-Box (RED 56) and Cherry Red (B RED 86) labels. This also featured the likes of Alien Sex Fiend, Vice Squad and The Monochrome Set. Anagram still owns all the rights to Longpig’s catalog and they reissued “Of Love and Addiction” in 2006.

Davis and Robertson also performed as Plan A