(c’85-88) Colin “The Fishperson” Robb (bass), Steve Griffiths (vocal / guitar), Mick Highgate, Kaz Jones, Chris McIndoe (keyboards) and Bev Chadwick (sax).

In ’85 the band were part of Guildford Live Aid along with LongPig and other bands. On 28 July ’86, Steel Bill and The Buffalos were at the The Old Schoolhouse, Woking, with The Lost Prophets (not Pontypridd’s pride and joy – they arrived 11 years too late). Teaming up with Ozric Tentacles promoters in late ’86 saw the Bill’s on the bill for a couple of gigs on the Stoned Out of Our Heads tour, including one at The Crypt, Farnborough Recreation Centre co-supporting with Phoney American Accents and The Magic Mushroom Band. This was followed by supporting Voodoo Child (psychedelic rock group who released one album: “Acid Tales And Mermaids” in 1986 on Aftermath) at University of Surrey on 31 October. In November that year Steel Bill and The Buffaloes headlined a Buzz Club at the West End Centre. Aldershot, with West One, FRA, and Second Balcony Jump in support. They were also definitely supporting the Cardiacs at the very last concert at The Old Schoolhouse; along with The Body Politic, and Five O’Clock High. In ’87 the 7″ Four Fleas on the Dark Dog of Night four track EP was released on the Space Pig label and featured ‘Louis the Buffalo’, ‘Laura’s Secret Garden’, ‘Cardboard Church’ and ‘Concrete Necklace’.

Their July ’88 gig at the University of Surrey Students Union (Dave Guerin did the sound) was hailed as the gig of the year. September that year saw them headline and win at “Showcase ’88” held at Centre Halls, Woking, and back at Surrey University later in October for their farewell gig. In Soundscene’s New Years Honors, a PG Tips tradition, three awards went to Steel Bill & the Buffalos: “Travel Scholarship Award” for Griffiths, “Memorial Award” (shared) and the “Golden Dentures Trophy”. The following year they picked up ‘The Andrew Lloyd Webber’ award in Soundscene’s Phil Gibby farewell honors.

Griffiths left for Australia and later became lead singer with Australian Doors, where he is still active in Sydney. Steel Bill later morphed into Jim Morrison. Robb died of oesophageal cancer in 2010, shortly after he gave me the okay to use his pictures below. Chadwick is a traveling saxophonist. A few years back Poodle was gigging around the World with F1’s Eddie Jordan at various billionaires parties.

Louis the Buffalo:

Laura’s Secret Garden:

Cardboard Church:

Concrete Necklace: