(c’87-88) Al ? (guitar, sax and vocals), Jason Orbaum (keyboards and vocals), Bruce ? (bass) and Matt Edmonds (drums).

Named in tribute to the bands own Edmunds, not for then Woking College student president Eddie Thorn as reported in Soundscene, this 4-piece was a by-product of Orbaum and Edmonds’ comedy double-act. They started as a covers band with “Shout”, “Careless Whisper”, “Up the Junction”, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in their repertoire.

Woking College’s inaugural Fresher’s Ball in ’87 was the band’s coming out party and they reportedly had shows lined up in Teddington. By December ’88 they were collecting the “Memorial Award for Absent Friends” from PG Tips, which they shared with Steel Bill & The Buffalos and Dance Factor. Orbaum went onto to a project called Dark.