(c’88-91) – Jason “Jay Farley” Orbaum (keyboard / vocal), James Davis (bass), Mark Johnston (guitar), & Steve Green (drums).

26th February 1991, X-it headlined at Digwalls in Camden. Picture courtesy of Harry Tuttle

Formed from the ashes of Dark, Wise Child and The Button Factory; after Farley, Green and Harry Tuttle, met at a Steel Bill and the Buffalos gig at the Cricketers, Westfield. At one of X-It’s early gigs the band got The Button Factory to headline to get people in, but Factory were short a bass player and drummer, so Green and Johnston stepped in. The summer of ’89 saw the band enter JTI Studios, Brixton where they recorded the 11-track “Ticket to Destruction” demo cassette, in the presence of Phil Gibby. In April ’90 the band packed out The Cricketers, Westfield and the entered JTI again for their second cassette LP: “Long Way from Hollywood” a slick 12-track demo of original material. Subsequently, X-It’s ‘Right Side of Wrong’ was #3 and ‘Prejudice’ was #9 in Soundscene’s Top Ten Local Songs 1990 and notably “Grasp” and “Adult Love” stood out as critic and fan favorites; all of which appeared in their set in December at The Cricks. X-It, who were then managed by Jim ? and had a honorary “General Secretary” in Heather Kirkman, were one of the last unsigned bands to play Dingwalls, before it closed on March 5th 1991. In May ’91 they were at Guildford’s Flicks for a double header with The Ha Ha Men, by which time the backing vocals of Alison Orbaum and ? were a regular fixture. They were appearing almost monthly at The Cricketers, Westfield and The Red Lion, Sunningdale by this point, and had a very important gig at Scratchers in August ’91, not that we can recall why now.

X-It “Are We Having Fun Yet?” demo cassette was released in ’91 via Porty Bruford’s Two Sheds Records Productions. Source: Corrina Meyer

X-It’s final release was the “Are We Having Fun Yet?” cassette demo via Porty Bruford’s Two Sheds Records Productions [SHED III], the third release on Two Sheds. After a couple of years together as X-It, university called and the members went off to ‘study’ calling it a day in Nov ’91 and playing a farewell gig at the Cricketers on 7 December. Some members of the band regrouped in January ’92 as Track 29.