(c’69-’72 & ’79-2000) – Brian Robinson (guitar / vocals), Ron Bushaway (bass / vocals), Alan Watkin (drums / vocals), and Simon Cohan (vocals).

The band formed in the Spring of 1969, when Bushaway, Watkins and Cohan met at Robinson’s house. 10 days later they played their first gig at The Millstream Club, Farnham; having learnt enough numbers and acquired a P.A. system and van. Said to be from Aldershot, they opened with “Ob La Di”. In the Autumn of ’69, Brain Moorland joined Grapevine on keyboards. By the middle of 1970, Bushaway had been replaced by Les Garrett on bass, and Mick Hogsden had stepped into Cohan’s shoes and they were now managed by ex-The Kool bassist Brian ‘Mr Whippy’ Hosking. Bushaway returned in Spring the following year, not on bass, but guitar replacing Robinson. In January ’72 the band split, all heading in different directions with Watkin joining The Embers.

In late ’79 a seven nights a week residency came up at the Lakeside Country Club, Frimley and the band reformed as a four-piece to fill the spot. Watkin was still on drums and as well as backing vocals he also now shared lead vocal duties with new member Pete Probert, who also carried a bass and provided backing vocals. The other two were past members Robinson on guitar and Moorland behind a Hammond organ. Probert was absent from the band for three months and Eric Brown stood in on bass. The band were still playing residency at Lakeside in the Winter of ’80, but down to just one night. Richard “Jet” Hodgins had replaced Moorland by this time. In the Summer of ’81 ex-Unicorn bassist Pat Martin replaced Probert with Mick “Dougo” Douglas taking on Robinson’s role in the following Spring.

A year and a half later they recorded four tracks in a studio in Hayes and produced the “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” 7″ vinyl EP, released in the Autumn ’83. Produced by Martin, the lacquer was cut by Geoff Pesche at Utopia Studios and is the only known release on Goldfish Records [GR.001], it carried the title track and “I Could Easily Fall”, “The Great Pretender” and “Don’t Let Go”.

For the next 17 years the bands line-up remained unchanged and then in the Summer of 2000 they performed their last concert.

After The Embers; Watkin joined agency band Rubber Duck, had the occasional appearance in House, joined Jackie Lynton and then become a Bloodhound. Before Grapevine, Hodgins had been in The Knack (not that Knack) and went on to join Threewheel and was last seen with Mick Douglas’s Bill Haley tribute band Razzle Dazzle. After Grapevine finished, Martin went on to form the Tamla Tigers.



Grapevine (L-R: Alan Watkin, Mick Douglas, Pat Martin, and Richard Hodgins