(c’88-91) – Duncan Johnson (rhythm guitar), Gary Morton (bass), Curt “Virgin Angel” Evans (drums), Nick “The Brianchild” Holland (vocals/lead guitar).

Windlesham metal band Killing Faith formed around 1988, then known as Dross. April ’88 saw the release of the 4 track ‘For It Is Of Faith We Follow’ Demo followed by a headline show at Frimley Community Centre supported by Trousershock B.C.. The 6 track ‘101 Damnations’ Demo followed in the Summer of ’89. Around this time bassist Morton was replaced by Wayne “Big Vern” Lowe, who was also in Trousershock B.C. This new lineup, that was also without Johnson, entered a studio on London Road, Reading and hammered out ‘Over Your Dead Body’ featuring ‘Forever Beautiful’ and ‘Every Day I Die’, which was dedicated to Sarah.

Outer sleeve of the ‘Over Your Dead Body’ 2-track demo cassette. Picture courtesy of Sid Stovold

The band was reportedly banned from the Cricketers, Westfield for alleged blasphemy, but in 1990 was receiving airtime on Radio 1. They disbanded following their final gig at The George, Ash Vale on 15th January 1991; which was euphemistically called ‘cold storage’ as Holland doubled down on his other project: Slug. They get a very brief mention in Pete Frame’s Rockin Around Britain under Aldershot.