(c’88-94) Graham “Julian Kill” Burgess (vocals/guitar/piano) and Wayne “Boncardo” Lowe (bass/keyboards), The Montrose Tractor (drum machine)

Trousershock BC, aka TBC, were a two piece from Yateley, plus their drum machine which went by the moniker: The Montrose Tractor; and reportedly the BC stood for Belinda Carlisle. In ’88 they supported Killing Faith at Frimley Community Center. Managed by Terry Burgess, they released several cassette demos / EPs. The “Some Lurvly Tunes” cassette demo was released in ’89; the 6-track cassette EP “More Stupid Gurly Lurve Songs” was released in ’90, and “Cheers” followed in ’91.

Inlay for 1989’s “Some Lurvly Tunes” cassette demo. Picture courtesy of Sid Stovold

In June ’91 they competed in the Buzz Club’s Midsummer Madness local band competition. In December ’92 TBC competed in The White Hart, Frimley’s Battle of the Bands. “Go And Do Something You Hate. Being Miserable Builds Character” hit the streets in ’93. They broke into the national music press with a glowing review of one of their live gigs in the NME (Feb 27, ’93 issue). PopDisc™ was a floppy disc based interactive press kit and Trousershock appeared on PopDisc #1 with eponymous “Trousershock BC” for Give It Stick Records in May ’93 and PopDisc #3 with “Do Something you hate…”. Crowd favorites “Go” and “Here Without You” appeared on the Snakebite City compilation out of Bluefire Records. Although they were toyed with by Food Records it didn’t work out and they ended up releasing “(You’re) All The Room That I’ll Ever Need” a 12″ vinyl single on Ken Dudley’s (He of The Rock Box fame) newly formed “Give It Stick” label. This 12″ single also featured Trousershock staplers “Sometimes I Thought That You Didn’t Like Me” and “Child Bearing Lips” and featured the spine message ” let’s see Backlash edge this one, then. twats”.

Why “Miles Hunt Stole My Girl Away From Me” or “Bouncy Boots” didn’t make this pressing I am not entirely sure. Burgess went on to form Headcopter and Three Litre and also filled in on bass for a Slug gig. Wayne was also in Killing Faith, at the same time as he was in Trousershock. After drummer Shaun Jackson left Headcopter, The Montrose Tractor took over. Now, who recalls Helen-Louise, Trousershock’s pusher (of tapes that is) – she sold their tapes before & after shows)?

Here Without You:

I Don’t Want You To Go Away: