(c’86-87) Chrissie Franey (sax), Bev Chadwick (sax) & Kaz Jones (sax).

Two thirds of Casual Sax on the University of Surrey stage with Steel Bill & the Buffalos

Casual Sax were a busking 3-piece horn section (sax section really) for hire to local bands. In ’87 they supported Holy Durex, thanks to Colin ‘The Fishperson’ Robb of Steel Bill and The Buffalos, for whom Casual Sax also provided horn.

After 18 months together Franey, having completed her PhD, left to work in a hospital and play with Hank Wangford. Chadwick worked at the Royal Festival Hall, London for several years becoming the Foyer Music Programmer and is now a freelance tenor/baritone sax player taking on short and long term contracts in the UK and across Europe in jazz, soul, blues, and reggae. In the early ’90s she appeared on two of the Fugatives albums, was part of Mass Producers in the late ’90s and on the track “Out Of The Blue” for Robert Wyatt’s ‘Comicopra’ in the late 2000s with Brian Eno, Yaron Stavi, Annie Whitehead, and Alfie Benge. Jones is now a painter and printmaker.