(c’79-80) – Robert “Noit” Jacob (guitar), Bev Lillywhite (keyboards), “Valentine Orson” (bass), and Charles “Lofty” Lawton (drums).

Managed by the spurious Sydney Arbor-Bridge – it’s unclear if all the band member names above are real – the band could be seen regularly gigging in Woking and Guildford. Noit Otni released the “A Heart Can Only Be Broken Once” double A-side single in December of ’79 on Automotive Records (AERS 107) with “Moving Target” on the “B-side”.

Picture courtesy of Fred Pipes

Automotive was a one-off DIY label; Aerco Records, of Woking, were responsible for the recording, from where it gets its catalog series. Under the slogan ‘Rock Against Rock’ on the 18 December ’79 there was a launch party for the record at The Wooden Bridge, Guildford. The band were back at The Wooden Bridge on 9 February ’80 for a Barbed Wire benefit that saw Noit Otni & the Pits and UBz support The Vapors, who were too famous to put on the bill so were listed as The Japanese Prisoners.

In 1980, the Barbed Wire fanzine Issue #5, Vol.3 No.1 featured the band who later changed their name to Square One. Jacob went on to join The Alligators and had his Aquamass production featured on Granada television in 2000:

You could catch Jacob every Thursday at Griffin Bar’s jazz night at HG Wells Suite or with his partner Beverly Chadwick, of Casual Sax fame, at Hugo’s. Jacob died suddenly on April 11, 2005 following a stroke.