(c’78-81) Woking-based Aerco Records started in 1978 as a custom-recording firm, making records for people who paid. Older Wokonian’s will recall the Aerco record and hi-fi store on Chobham Road, Woking. Steve Smith worked in the classical department and was into recording. Reportedly he started Aerco Productions Ltd as a legal entity on contracts with bands, such as Ribs.

Over the next 2 years they produced a number of now rare but influential singles [AERS-100s], EPs [AERE-1100s] and LPs [AERL 80s]. These included New Wave Heavy Metal’ers Anniversary’s “Give Me A Smile” single and Prog Rockers Hieronymus Bosch who tried to infuse their sound with Punk themes, to produce New-Wave’ish “Rockin’ Rachmaninov” single [AERS-103]. Schoolgirl Bitch’s “Abusing The Rules” single while on the band’s own Garage label was recorded by Aerco and carries one of the label’s catalogue numbers. This was also true for the Photographs, the Record Players and Noit Otni and The Pits. There was no recording studio at the Aerco store and various studios and venues in the area were used, including the University of Surrey studios; where Smith attended the Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) course. The records were then sold in the Aerco shop. The label stopped producing in late ’81. The Aerco store had been sold to Bartlett’s Hi-Fi in 1980, shortly after it had moved to the Broadway, Woking where it remained until it’s demise in the late ’90s. Smith went on to Gimell Records.

Ribs, “Man With No Brain” [AERS 101] Single, 1978
A. Man With No Brains

B. Long Time Coming

Schoolgirl Bitch, “Abusing The Rules” [Garage Label / AERS 102] Single 1978 (this single was recorded by Aerco)
A. Abusing The Rules

B. Think For Yourself

Hieronymus Bosch, “Rockin’ Rachmaninov” [AERS 103] Single 1978
A. Rockin’ Rachmaninov
B. Plaster Of Paris

Anniversary, “Give Me A Smile” [AERE 102] 7″ EP 1978
A1. “Give Me A Smile”

A2. “Tales For A Tune”

B1. “Prostutution”

B2. “Excitement Overflow”

The Record Players, “Double C Side” [Wreckords label / AERE 1104] 7″ EP 1978
A1. “M.O.R.”

A2. “Don’t Go Backwards”
B1. “Wrong Song
B2. “Ignore Us”

Jack Blaize & Judi Blue, “Illusion” [JR label / AERE 1105] EP 1978
A1. Illusion
A2. Hey, Did You Know I Love You
B1. Go To Leave L.A.
B2. Where Were You Baby?

The Talkies, “In My Life” [AERE 1106] 7″ EP 1978
A1. “In My Life”

A2. “Monday Morning”

B1. ” Newsboy”

B2. “Give It Back To Him”

The Talkies, “Monday Morning” [AERE 1108] EP 1978
A. ?
B. ?

Fizzler, “Brill Plus (You Know Us)” [AERS 105] Single 1979
A. Brill Plus (You Know Us)
B. Margys Song

Photographs, “Second Best” [Do Not Bend Label / AERS 106] Single 1979
A. Second Best

B1. Seas
B2. Here I Go Again

Noit Otni & The Pits, “A Heart Can Only Be Broken Once” [Automotive label / AERS 107] Single 1979
A. A Heart Can Only Be Broken Once

B. Moving Target

E.F. Band, “Night Angel / Another Day Gone” [E.F.1] Single 1979 (this single was marketed & distrubuted by Aerco)
A. Night Angel

B. Another Day Gone

Elite, “Take Away” [LAS 102] Single 1979
A. Take Away
B. Part Of My Life

Gateways, “Now She’s Gone Away” [EXIT 1] Single 1981 (this single was manufactured by Aerco)
A. Now She’s Gone Away
B. Walk On By / Look Of Love

Charles Camilleri Piano Concerto No.1 “Mediterranean” / Malta Suite / Andante Religioso [AERL 81] LP 1981
A1. Country Dance: Allegra Moderato
A2. Waltz: Tempo Moderato
A3. Nocturne: Lento
A4. Village Festa: Allegro Vivace
A5. Andante Religioso For Strings
B1. Allegro Moderato – Moderato – Allegro
B2. Adagio
B3. Allegro Molto Vivace – Andante Con Moto – Allegro – Coda