The George was a fairly characterless suburban roadhouse. In 1911 landlord Charles Kelly did nothing much more than host a guest or two, pull a few pints and provide some basic grub. When it was run by Keith and Jo ? the venues live music chops kicked up a gear in the late ’80s and into the early ’90s with a live band almost every night. One thing most bands will recall is that they’d insist on them bringing their own PA. When news started to circulate that they were planning to buy a house PA, it was met with some skepticism.

The George, Ash Vale was possibly Deceased Disease‘s most regular haunt, as it was for many a local band like The Hype, Flowers of Sacrifice, and Blue Velvet; with many, like Peachrazor, treating it as their rehearsal room, as it was cheaper than renting a space.

Toby Hounsham out front with The Hype at The George

On 15 August ’89, Three Times The Crow committed to tape their performance at The George. Close Quarters played the cramped venue on 7 April ’90, with Home Again there three days later on 10 April. Issue No.868 of Felix, the student newspaper of Imperial College London, carried a review of Who Moved The Ground?’s George gig of 5 May 1990 which would leave any reader wanting to hear the band. June ’90 saw Smokey Joe take to the carpet on Tuesday 19 and the Rocket Men on Thursday 28 wore their groove in that rug. Melt Down were there on 14 July, and Three Times The Crow were back on 31 August ’90, before running up to London to perform at The Rails, Euston.

Killing Faith disbanded following their final gig at The George, on 15 January ’91; which was euphemistically called ‘cold storage’ as Holland doubled down on his other project: Slug; who were also a regular feature at the venue. The Price supported Who Moved The Ground? on 5 August and Split Level sweltered afore their audience on 21 August ’91 as they recorded their set at The George. Who Moved The Ground? were certainly back at the venue a number of times, including 23 Dec ’91, with Splat. 1991 also saw The George feature on the cover of The Farnborough Groove, Vol.1.

Deceased Disease also played their farewell gig at The George on 8 April 1992. 10 months later, on 5 February ’93, Sweet Hooligan dropped a rowdy set on The George’s punters, and Backlash rocked the joint on 13 July. The George eased off the live bands in ’94 but that didn’t stop Who Moved The Ground? appearing there on 21 May.

Roy ?, who made pipes in his spare time, was the final landlord before the pub closed c’2004. Since then several planing applications were approved in 2008 and 2011 to demolish the pub and build housing on the site. The latest to build 8 new houses on the site was approved in 2013 and the pub was demolished in 2014.