(c’90-93) Nick Holland (vocal / lead guitar), Brian Turner (bass), and Ethan MacMahon (drums).

Holland, who was also in Killing Faith, and Morton formed Slug in very in early 1990 and managed to knock out the “Puppy Dog Tails” demo cassette, with Holland covering bass and guitar, in June. The demo’s eight tracks were laid down on 4-track machinery and although totally unproduced was lauded in Sounds as ‘an excellent sub-pop inspired move’. “Fire”, from “Puppy Dog Tails” went on to secure the #10 spot in Soundscene’s Top Ten Local Songs 1990.

Sleeve for Puppydog Tails

Shortly after Ethan MacMahon joined on bass and appeared on the bands February ’91 released second demo cassette “Sandfly Lupus Flunch”, described in The Gossville Arsonist fanzine as Mudhoney meets Sonic Youth, which carried eight tracks, of which the first, “Carpet”, and last, “Two Days”, were rated ‘best’ by a Soundscene reviewer. They’d completed their first gigs around Aldershot in January ’91, but “Sandfly Lupus Flunch” got the Windlesham combo a support slot at The Falcon with Moonshake and they were supporting Milk, with Thule, at The Buzz Club, Aldershot for a noise, grunge metal special in March. Throughout ’91 the band gigged regularly with appearances at Farnborough Tech; Paradise Club, Islington; Princes Hall, Aldershot; Ragamuffins, Camberley; and The George, Ash Vale. September that year saw 8 songs recorded at Raven Studios and released as “Salt Fearing”.

Sleeve for “Salt Fearing”

The band returned to Raven Studios in January ’92, were Al once again engineered the sound once more. The “Block Out The Sun” demo cassette was released that same month with the tracks “Fisted”, “Some” and “Giant Drag” well received by local press and reportedly a letter of praise from Jello Biafra. The band’s “Lizard Tummy Neck” appeared on ‘Son of Farnborough Groove, Vol.2’ in ’92 which was positively reviewed in The Gossville Arsonist fanzine.

In April they appeared at The West End Centre with Trousershock BC and Faceache. This was recorded and released as “Live 25.4.92” in September. Later that year they were back at The West End Centre for The Buzz Club’s local bands night on 21 November featuring Trousershock B.C., Sunriser and Who Moved The Ground?. If anything ’92 was much akin to ’91 with gigs at The West End Centre; Ragamuffins, Camberley; and Haven Stables, Ealing, The George, Ash Vale on the roster.

1993 kicked off with the studio based live recordings for the “Ant With Equipment” cassette EP, which was released in January to be available at their The Old Trout. Windsor gig with Blaggers ITA. ‘Fail’ and the 10 minute long ‘Confusion’ were included in the six songs on the EP. Not much was heard from Slug until 2013.

Sleeve for “Ant With Equipment”

“Salt Fearing” and “Block Out The Sun” has since been digitally remastered and as of December 2013 Turner, Richard Morton (drums) and Holland have been rehearsing some new and old Slug material.