(c’88-’90) – Inga Leru-Kelly (vocals), David Martin (guitar), Antony Taylor (drums) and Steve Russell (bass)

Band pictures taken at Wood Street Green. Picture Courtesy on Inga Leru-Kelly

Leru-Kelly joined Three Times The Crow after answering an ad in Melody Maker. The band played locally at the likes of The George, Ash Vale and up into ‘town’ at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town; Harlow Square and the Y Club; but mostly in Essex – where their manager was based – touring in Martin’s VW camper. Three Times The Crow stickers, designed by Stefanie Dibben, could be found plastered all over Guildford.

The band’s debut gig, as far as we know, was a 21st birthday party on 20 Jan ’89. This was committed to tape as were a number of the band’s performances including appearances at The George, Ash Vale on 15 August ’89. On 18 September ’89 they supported The Spy’s Trademark as part of a ‘Showcase Night’ at The Opera On The Green, Shepherd’s Bush.

Another gig laid down on tape was the band’s Vienna’s, Lincoln on 5 March ’90. A month later, on 4 April, Three Times The Crow were at The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town supporting Soho, with Smells Like Some Ghost. The band were typically busy through the later half of ’90 and, in addition to live recording, studio time was used to record a couple of tracks, with the intention of releasing a single, but the band split and nothing came of the session/s.