(c’88-’94) – Penny ? (vocals), Andy ‘Bladz’ Selway (drums), John Spencer (guitar), ? ‘Ditch’ ? (guitar) and Susan ? (vocals) and Nik ? (bass).

June ’92: Big Boy Tomato were at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town.
Source: Mick Mercer via BULL & GATE MEMORIES – remembering all who sailed in her musical tidal wave

Their “Weekend” and “Duck” tracks appeared on Snakebite City – the release of which Big Boy Tomato and their record company delayed with ‘contractual difficulties’; and “Jack” on Snakebite City Two. They appeared in and around Aldershot on a regular basis and did well on the US college radio network in the early days. Their ‘New Wave of New Wave’ sound saw them supporting bands like UK Subs, Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, as well as headlining at the Mean Fiddler and Borderline. The Tomatoes managed a couple of EPs, including ‘Acton Baby’ and the four track CD ‘Hormones and Hangovers.’

Infamously, Radio 1 started receiving unexplained boxes of tomatoes, one of which was delivered by a window cleaner abseiling down the BBC building. The source? Big Boy Tomato, of course. They never got air play.

One of the bands earliest gigs, on 29 August 1988, saw them play the Hellfire Club’s Bank Holiday All Dayer at The George Robey with Trash County Dominators, Zoo Doll, Chas Is Sex, Destroy The Boy, Brian, Sex Bitch Goddesses, The Levellers, If, Glass Knots, King Conehead, Johnny UFO, Mela Rooney Daddy, and Junior Manson. A few days later, on 2 September ’88, they were supporting Snuff at the L.M.S. Club, Hendon. The following night they headlined at the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town with Jon Fit Beast, Donkey Nun, Fin, Manson Slag, and Help Trumpton also on the bill. A brief review by Mick Mercer in Melody Maker’s 10 September ’88 issue, of one of the bands recent live performances, wasn’t too kind. But, that didn’t stop them securing headlining slots, which were becoming common place, and the 5 Jan ’89 saw them doing just that at The Cricketers, Kennington. The Hellfire Club, at Sir George Robey, hosted BBT again on 15 May ’89 with Hard Options, The Wild Bunch, Lemon, Another Cuba, and Mutant Frogs. The Bull & Gate became a relatively regular haunt for the band, who on 30 September ’91 played the Pop Club night with Phobia and Plop. BBT found themselves gigging with Phobia again on 5 February ’92, this time supporting Mega City Four, along with Pretty Green, at the University of Surrey’s Main Hall. Ten days later Mega City Four’s tour had reach the Technical College, Farnborough with Phobia, Big Boy Tomato, and Pretty Green still in support. Big Boy Tomato then headlined at the Bull & Gate again in June ’92. BBT secured a support slot at The Grand, Clapham Junction on 18 July 1992 with The Cropdusters. At some point in ’92 the EP “Acton Baby” was released on Damaged Goods [Damgood 5] on 7″ red vinyl carrying three tracks: “Head”, “Smash” and “Rosemary”.

At the time of the release of “Acton Baby” the band were listed as being Penny, Susan, Richard,Tom, Nik, Gian Franco; with some additional help fro Arturo Bassick. In January ’93 Paul Talling organized a launch party for Snakebite City at The West End Centre, Aldershot featuring: Peachrazor, Pretty Green, Pomeroy, Backlash, Phobia and Big Boy Tomato – no doubt “Weekend” and “Duck” were played. To continued the promotion of Snakebite City, Talling went on to organize an appearance for Big Boy Tomato, supported by Backlash, at the Totally Wired Club, The Powerhaus, London on 9 April ’93. The next month, Big Boy Tomato supported by Angel Interceptor and Zen Grenade played Creation 2010 back at the Bull & Gate. A debut album was recorded in 1994 but was not released, ultimately causing the end of the band. About the same time the CD EP “Hormones and Hangovers” was put out on Dojo Limited division Up Not Down [UPXCD1] carrying both the tracks featured on Snakebite City, plus “Anything” and “Jack”

A splinter group – Sugar Snatch – emerged that included Spencer and Selway. You’ll find BBT listed on page 710 of Dave Thompson’s 3rd edition of Alternative Rock and in Butterfly Evolution ’92 by Mick Mercer. Then in 2017 the album, titled “Glaswegian Kiss” [FOOFCD0001], was finally released on Foof Records.

Big Boy Tomato recorded a debut album in 1994, but it was not released. Then in 2017 the album, titled “Glaswegian Kiss”, was finally released on Foof Records

Penny went on to work with Country punk band Some Dogs. Spencer went on to join The Lurkers for a European tour and formed The YoYo’s with Danny McCormack (ex-Wildhearts bassist), guitarist Neil Phillips (B-Movie Heroes) and Selway in ’98. A UK tour supporting The Backyard Babies led then to sign with US label Sub Pop in 2000. Break up, reform, break up followed. In 2006 The Loyalties formed with Spencer on vocals. In 2008 The Loyalties toured the UK with The New York Dolls, Loaded, Black Lungs and The Wildhearts. Spencer’s projects included Banjoey Ramone, a skiffle/punk outfit consisting of ex and current Loyalties, Demented Are Go!, Grit and Urban Voodoo Machine members. He has also been a one time member of Ginger Wildheart and Friends, The Dogs D’Amour, The Vincent Razorbacks, and Swill and The Swaggerband. He plays banjo with The Men They Couldn’t Hang and The Feral Family Collective, as well as in his family band Fastlane Roogalator with brothers Syd and Will. Selway also toured Europe as part of The Men They Couldn’t Hang, then becoming one of the founding member of The YoYo’s. In 1996 he became the drummer for Pig and toured Japan as part of Schwein. Before joining KMFDM in 2002. Still an active member of KMFDM, Selway also performs with The Dwarves, Genitorturers and Spittin’ Cobras.



Glaswegian Kiss (Big Boy Bonus Edition) – http://bigboytomato.bandcamp.com/album/glaswegian-kiss-big-boy-bonus-edition