(c’83 -’85) Chris Turner (vocals / bass), Danny Boothman (Yamaha guitar synth), and Doug McKeller (drums).

Turner and Boothman originally formed a band called Pain Relief, they changed the name to Paradise on McKeller joining, then Dark Paradise in ’83. This three piece gigged extensively, their first was on 16 August ’83 at Fives Wine Bar, Aldershot, but they went on to make appearances at the likes of and The Old Schoolhouse, Woking on 14 January 1984 with Screaming Lullabies, Cow, and The Spin Dolls and the University of Surrey’s June Jitterbug with Longpig, D Fabulous, No Joy, Betrayed, and Asylum Sounds on 9 June ’84. Many of these saw sound tech assistant Linda Wright making sure of the mix.

A notable support gig saw them preceding GBH or ABH at The Royal, Guildford, when a riot with two coach loads of ‘fans’ (not theirs) broke out – They eventually got their gear back with the help of Surrey constabulary. Guildford band Death in June along with Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees were among their influences. Their first recording session, at Grumpy Bear 8 Track Studios in Binfield, resulted in the jammed, on the spot, “Happy”, as well as “Bad Feelings”, “Paradise of Ice” (kind of the band’s theme song) “War Games” and “Your Enemies Aren’t Dying” being laid down. “Bad Feelings” and “Your Enemies…” were old Pain Relief tracks, with “Bad Feelings” becoming a staple in the Dark Paradise live set despite it’s more new wave sound and the fact Turner hated it.

Further recording happened on the 16 track at Matinee Music, Reading including “True Love” and the first version of “And I Love Her”. A white label single of the bands cover of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” was cut at Utopia Studios, London and featured “Stardust” on the B-side. Soon after pressing the lawyers pounced claiming that the mechanical royalties had not been paid. £50 later the band were legal again. Turner, reportedly, now regrets that “Stardust” did not have more lyrics. “War Games” which appeared as a bonus track on that single ended up being played by John Peel. This was the last time they recorded as Dark Paradise and the members activities with ‘Arf Cut lead to the bands demise. McKeller went on to join Salt Solution for a couple of years and then managed the band. Boothman was also in F-File. As we understand it all the members are still playing in separate projects. Earlier in 2014 McKeller and Boothman rehearsed together a few times for a covers band. There has been some loose talk of coming together again as a band – we’ll keep you posted if that should happen.