(c’79-’83) Martin Gibbs (drums), Kenton Keys (keyboards), Martin Day (vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, bass), Simon Bartlett (bass, backing vocals, keyboards), and Robert Bathurst (lead & rhythm guitar, vocals).

Image courtesy of Martin Day via www.shallowdeep.com

The band originally formed in ’79 for a one off gig, at which Day rode in on a Honda Super Dream performed ‘Torn Leather Tearaway’ and a couple of covers; repeated “Torn Leather…” and left. A few months later they got together again, this time a bit more permanently. In ’83 this Woking based Christian rock band released an eponymous cassette LP, carrying 11 songs record in the hall where they rehearsed via 4 track reel-to-reel. and engineered by band friend Jim Champ. Keys moved across to drums when Gibbs left and when he went to university was replaced by Doug McKeller (ex-Dark Paradise). In January ’84 Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly went on to become Salt Solution.

Gibbs is sadly no longer with us.