(c’83-’84) – Stuart Murray (guitar), Mike Reed (guitar), Sharon Pilling (bass), Kirk Kelly (drums) and Simon “Tarquin” George (vocals).

Screaming Lullabies at The Royal, Guildford

Pilling & Kelly had previously been in a band with Alison Goldfrapp called Creatures of Darkness, who played in and around the Guildford area, before forming Screaming Lullabies with the others in ’83. With members mostly from the Guildford area, they played at the Old Schoolhouse, Woking several times and at various other local venues, including The Royal, Guildford, and were often compared to Bauhaus – who they cited as an influence along with Death Cult and The Birthday Party. Their Schoolhouse appearances included a support slot; with No Joy, COW, and The Spin Dolls, for goth rock band In Excelsis, formed by former UK Decay guitarist Steve Spon, on 26 April ’84. Three months earlier. on 14 January ’84, Screaming Lullibies had headlined at the Old Schoolhouse, with Dark Paradise, COW and The Spin Dolls in support. The band split shortly after the In Excelsis support gig.

Pilling went on to play with Londoner’s Jezebelle, and with one other went on to form KURRU. George focused on The Kavern Club at The Royal and formed Vale of Eden, then Gitche Manitou and Sang Froid with Kelly.