(c’92-95) David Bailey (guitar / vocals), Martin Smith (drums), John Rollinson (guitar / vocals) and Scott Merritt (bass).

The boys live gigs featured mostly their own material, with a smattering of covers such as Squire’s “The Face of Youth Today”. By ’93 Pete Cole was managing the band and a 5-track demo tape “Memory Babe” did the rounds early that year. That same year their appearance at the Bull & Gate, London end in a tussle that saw Bailey kneed in the nether regions and his brother breaking his hand – they never appeared there again. The band appeared at the Guildford Council sponsored Rock Explosion 3, featuring local bands: Annoyance, Blue, Strangeworld and Vox Pop on 4 June 1993. Also in ’93 they released a double A sided 7″ on Detour Records carrying “Cor Blimey!” and “Pretty Impossible”.

The following year, “Dear Diary” appeared on Bluefire Records “Snakebite City 2” and the bands “Pretty Impossible” featured as track #1 on “The Farnborough Groove, Vol.4”. Merritt left the band to be replaced by Bailey’s brother Michael. They were back on “Farnborough Groove Strikes Back (Vol.5)” with “Beat Girl & Me” in ’95. “Pretty Impossible” popped up on the Japan only release of a various mod artist compilation titled “Kickstart!” (TFCK-87501) on the Flavour of Sound label also in ’95. The next year, co-produced with Detour Records, Flavour of Sound released “The Jam Tribute The Modern World” compilation album – again in Japan only – which carried Vox Pop’s “Running On The Spot”. This was re-released (PREACH008CD) in the UK on the Rhythm Vicar label in 2001 with two additional tracks.

At some point they supported Manfred Mann (Manfreds at the time – due to a legal dispute!) at the Guildford Civic Hall along with Eat the Sofa (Ed – Michael Bailey never did tell us “a great story about that gig”). Record Collector magazine published an article on Dizzy Holmes’ Detour Record label, were they called out Vox Pop’s “Cor Bimey!” as indicating a direction away from the typical mod sound of the label.

David and Michael Bailey, Rollinson, and Smith formed Summerbee after Vox Pop. Michael Bailey sadly passed on 12 August 2021.

Actress & The Bishop

Beat Girl & Me


Cor Blimey

Dear Diary

Pretty Impossible