(c’94-95) David Bailey (vocal & guitar), John Rollinson (guitar & vocal), Michael Bailey (bass & vocal) & Martin Smith (drums).

Woking based Summerbee rose from the ashes of Vox Pop, of which all four members of the band had been part, delivering a late sixties/early seventies sound. The band secured a Christmas period slot at the Cricketers, Westfield in ’94 and started appearing in London in early ’95, including St. John’s Tavern, Archway on 14 March.

David Bailey moved to Spain, was involved in the The Real Me and Acoustic River Collective (ARC) ā€“ a group of musicians based in Almeria ā€“ and is currently recording as part of Left Bank Two. Michael Bailey sadly passed on 12 August 2021. Rollinson is currently playing with the TR5s.