(c’93-’99) Allan Broad (?), Jamie Legg (drums) Dee Coley (drums/bass) and Duncan Siggers (?).

Originally called The Hometown Boys the band rebranded to Eat The Sofa about the time that Coley, who’d previously been in His Wooden Fish, shifted from drums to bass and Legg joined the band. Broad fronted Eat The Sofa from ’93 until his relocation to Amsterdam in ’99. They were certainly playing the local circuit in ’93 through ’94, including regular appearances at The Cricketers, Westfield.

The band released two CD albums: “So Far So Good” and “Absolute Pondlife”. They played at the Guildford Folk & Blues Festival in Stoke Park, Guildford in ’94; and along with Vox Pop, they supported Manfred Mann (Manfreds at the time – due to a legal dispute!) at the Guildford Civic Hall. In ’96 their track “Love My Life” appeared on “The Best Farnborough Groove in the World – Ever! Vol.6. Broad’s brother Kevin joined Eat The Sofa in the bands later days. Disbanding around ’99; 3 members of Eat The Sofa and Graham Firth formed Plenty.

Eat The Sofa then reformed in 2004 playing a gig at Holloway Hill Sports Club, Godalming supported by Firth (also previously in His Wooden Fish ) and were gigging up to December 2006 when they played The Sun, Godalming supported by The Two Deceivers and Sigg & Si.

Coley move on to Blazing Homesteads after Eat The Sofa and now lives in Wiltshire. He has since banded together with Legg and others to formed The True Deceivers. Broad is living and recording in Amsterdam.