(c’84-85) Robert Humphreys (synthesizer), and Paul Hemsley (synthesizer)

Humphreys and Hemsley formed this synth duo along with the “schizo seven” at TSI Studios, New Haw; which Humphreys ran. A short while after forming they supported the Milky Bar Kids at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Byfleet on 26 September ’84

F.E.G released the 3-track “The First Cut” demo, that included covers of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Blue Monday” with their own “Ghosts”, in late ’84 / early ’85. This demo was submitted for consideration in the Soundscene Miss Woking Pop Cabaret competition. Unfortunately according to the reviewer the covers were “..fairly mournful on the senses. The rhythmic appeal is there, but not quite enough spark.”

Our final record of F.E.G. finds them with the Milky Bar Kids again on 16 February ’85 at The Blue Anchor, Byfleet.