(c’84/85) Peter Mullen (guitar/vocals), Andy Dean (bass/vocals), Cliff Sawdey (keyboards/vocals) and Graeme Block (drums).

What The Curtains’ first single “Crime or Passion”, backed by “Words (Can’t Tell)” was released in ’84.

Named for a Prince Herbert line from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ their first single: “Crime or Passion”, backed by “Words (Can’t Tell)”, on the Rideaux Records label (WTC0042), was released in ’84 and received an acceptable review from Melody Maker while Soundscene reported it to be “a bit Wellerish”. In early ’85 Bagshot based What The Curtains committed their four best tracks to video (which Soundscene would love to find) at The Old Schoolhouse, Woking including “Acacia Child”. Later that year they played the Miss Woking Caberet, as well as at The Hippodrome and The Rock Garden. Reportedly the members of What The Curtains were extras in the movie Masters of the Universe after they had gone to Los Angeles to “make it” in the music business to no avail.

In ’88 Block replaced Al Beckett in The Surfin’ Lungs, Andy Dean’s brothers band.