(c’81-87) Will Williams (drums / vocal), Pete Mills (bass / vocal), Rich Carson (vocal / rhythm guitar) and Graham “Mash” Murray (guitar / vocal).

Band promo picture. Thanks to Ann Epton for the pic.

Woking based The Click formed sometime between late ’81 or April ’82. Mills and Carson had been playing pubs for a while and had meet Murray (who was touring with Cliff Richard and appeared on the 25th anniversary album of Cliff and the Shadows c.’78) a couple of years prior. Carson & Murray’s songwriting convinced a music publisher to tell them to put a band together and they bought in Williams. By July ’82 they had entered and won ABC Music’s “New Sounds of ’82” earning themselves 2 days of studio time. Those two days in Shepperton resulted in Chris West (vocalist with Terra Nova) and John Glover producing “Touch Too Much” available on the B-side of “Curious Collection” [STLP 007] album on the Street Tunes label. Originally managed by Paul Morris, in Feb’ 83 John Glover of Blueprint Management signed them and took on the management responsibilities. In late ’83 they appeared in an episode of “Me & My Girl” staring Richard O’Sullivan and Joanne Ridley on LWT, performing “Just Another Monday” as the band called Dog Food. This episode (Series 2 Episode 4: “The Kids Are Alright”) aired on 8 February 1985. Top Click tracks were “Lady of Love”, “Superstition”, “Dizzy” and 1983’s “Just Another Monday”; which was released as the A-side, with “Breaking Up” on the B-side, of their first 7″ single [NEW 3] on the New World label and produced by Gerry Kitchenham and John Hewlett; it also appeared on an A&M label.

“Dizzy Spinning Round” was to be the original A-side according to Rich Carson. Their second single was produced Gary Stevenson, the same guy who did Go-West’s first releases.

In ’87 Carson left, pursuing his song writing career with publisher John Merritt (Welk Music Publishing / Polydor) and collaborated with the likes of Womac & Womac. Carson also co-owned the Mayford based Wychwood recording studio and now owns and runs the Jamtutti studio near Kingsbridge, Devon. Mills is currently an in-house engineer at Ghost / Send Hill Studios.


Just Another Monday: