(c’91-95) Mark Horwell (?), John Edwards (?) & Julian Cotten (?)

Formed some time in ’91, goth rock G.O.D. produced at least one demo. The ‘Weird Is Relative’ cassette feature 10 tracks: ‘Dark as Ever’, ‘Shimmer’, ‘All Our Sins’, ‘Obession to Doubt’, ‘The Note’, ‘Open Spaces’, ‘Paramour’, ‘Escape’, ‘Araucaria’ and ‘Taste’. By Oct ’91 the band have the dubious honor of getting turned off at two pubs, The Sovereigns, Woking and then The Cricketers, Westfield within a week. 1992 saw the band’s ‘Open Spaces’ and ‘Paramour’ appear on the German goth rock compilation cassette ‘Dragon’s Born Tonight’ [BT 38] on the Beton Tapes label.

17 April 1992: Girls on Dextrose with Flowers of Sacrifice, Peachrazor, Giant Arcand Nuss are at Barney Rubbles at Lakeside Caberet Club, Frimley. Picture courtesy of Steve Porter

In April that year G.O.D., with Flowers of Sacrifice, Peachrazor, Giant Arcand Nuss were at Barney Rubbles at Lakeside Cabaret Club, Frimley; then in May they supported Map of Africa and Who Moved The Ground? at Critical at the West End Centre, Aldershot. They returned to the West End Centre in February ’93 to support Sweet Hooligan with Fly Garrit. G.O.D’s ‘The Image Fades’ was on the B-side of Farnborough Groove 3 in ’93 and was released again as part of the Music & Elsewhere label’s anthology Decadion 2 (M&E 601) on August 10th ’13. G.O.D disappear around ’95. Members of G.O.D have been traced to the Aldershot / Farnborough 5-piece The Landings.