(c’93-’98) Arno Spires (guitar), Jake Spires (piano), Damian Wilson (vocals), Matt Webb (bass), Omar Hayes (drums).

Formed in ’93 Orphic Soop gigged regularly on the local music scene through ’94. Around this time Wilson was replaced by Mick Hosie and they took the act national. After a gig at the Marquee (c’94) the band signed to Almo. In ’96 the Almo Sounds label released the ‘Groove Dictation’ EP featuring the title track, “Dead By Tomorrow”, “Denied”, and “All I Want to Do”.

“Dead by Tomorrow” appeared on the Pinnacle Independent News label’s Upfront Pinup 2:4 compilation in 1996. In October ’96 they supported Reef for the first four gigs of the Glow tour. The opening track, Here & Now, to their yet to be released album appeared on Kerrang’s compilation CD: Radio Kerrang No.4 in ’97. That album, tiled “23” featured 11 tracks, was produced by David Bottrill, and went out on the Birth label in ’98. That same year the band toured with Deep Purple.

In ’99 “Here & Now” was published in Spain on the Rock Sound Sampler – Volume 11 on the Rock Sound ‎[RSCDE011] and Freeway Ediciones [RSCDE011] labels. While the band are no more, they still get the occasional radio play: http://comeonletsrock.co.uk/2010/01/29/new-year-new-bands-31st-january-2010/.


Dead By Tomorrow: