(c’88) Chris “Duchess of York” Brewer (keyboards), Kevin “Miss Winston Foxtrot” Whitchurch (sax), ? “Heathcliff Rex” ? (bass), ? “Julian F Hendrix” ? (vocals), ? “Gerald the Rabbit” ? (guitar), ? “Miss Winston Fostrot” ? (horn), and ? “Jumpin’ Johnny Volkswagon” ? (drums) .

This seven member “6 piece” Woking College Rag Week band had a song about the 6th Form student Scott Jameson. Their 2nd gig, at Woking College, was ended by a water-fight. There was ‘much furor’ when rumors abounded of their replacement by Forrest and the Choppers at Woking College’s Rag Week, even though several Gravediggers were also Choppers – Another case of Soundscene steering a non-existent pot.