(c’93-’97) Simon Bate (vocals), Matty ? (guitar), Damian ? (guitar), Phil Dixon (keyboards), Andy ? (bass), and Sid ? (drums).

When Pretty Green fractured the members went in two directions, the first lead to Skipper, the second The Hairy Things. We know that Redefining Beautiful played with Fleet based The Hairy Things at Farnborough Tech. They certainly played at Frank’s Bar at the college in February ’93 and also appeared at Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough, and The Star, Guildford.

On 5 January ’96 the band played The Garage, London and The King’s Head, Fulham the following night. Shortly after they released the ‘Uptight’ CD single on Stereo Heaven Records [SHR CD 001]. This carried the eponymous title track and “Dream World”, Double ‘D’ Fever” and the demo version of “Cadillac Woman”. The same year Stereo Heaven Records issued The Hairy Things’ “Sidewinder EP” [SHR CD 002], presenting the UK with “Sidewinder”, “Cruisin'” and “Comedown”. The EP was re-released as a promo cassette version in ’97.