(c’90-’92) Chris Andrews, Spencer Steel, Antoinette ? (vocals), and Dr Crippen as producer

Still from the video for “We Love You”

S.U.N. were initially an electronic duo, with Steel having previously been with Mr. Ed. The founding pair saw their ‘We Love You’ reach #4 in Soundscene’s Top Ten Local Songs 1990. Released on Flat Records [OUT TS003], this was out of Panther Studios and later remixed by Doc Martin for the US market, where it was released in ’91.

In Jan ’91 the band searched for a new female singer, finding Antoinette ?, and released the 12″ version of their debut single “We Love You”, a cover of the Jagger / Richards song, again on Flat Records. S.U.N. supported The Candyskins, along with The Pocket Devils, at Splash, Water Rats, Kings Cross on 29 May ’91. In October that same year they released the “Results of Reasoning” E.P. which reached No.194 in the charts. They went on to release the “Hypnotiki” LP in ’92. This was recorded and mixed at Music of the Spheres, Reigate and featured Smudge of guitar, and scratching by DJ Modest.

Steel’s later work can be found on Soundcloud under the user name ‘Delete All Contacts’, he sadly passed away in 2010 after a long battle with cancer. Andrews is still writing music under the alias Acid Dog, having previously used Southern Hawker and Boss Drum.

(Editor’s Note: We are trying to confirm if Andrews and Chris Coppen (aka Dr. Crippen) are one and the same).