(c’85-’86) Steve Arnold (vocals), Dean Balchin (guitar), Mark Randon (guitar), Ian “Wez” Westley (bass), and Paul Stevens (drums)

Heavy metalers, Empyre played many a local gig, including The Queen’s Head, Horsham on 21 September ’85 and Chiddingfold Club on 17 January ’86. The band also ventured up into London, supporting Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts at the Marquee in 22 March ’86.

Early in ’86 the band released “Hidden Powers”, a single-sided demo cassette; recorded at the 16- track Abbeydale Studios, London. The production run was so limited, but over 100, they were able to hand-number each cassette. Later in the year Empyre took the the first two tracks from “Hidden Powers” and self released, on the Monterrez label [EMP1], a 7″ double-A side single that carried “World’s Apart” and “Swordplay”. Engineered by Jeremy Freedman and privately pressed by SRT record company [SRT6KS774], this is currently the last information we have on the band.

Westley joined Trashqueen in ’88, although he is referenced as an ex-member of Monterey – a possible mix up with the Monterrez label. Towards the end of ’88, ex-Kyoto Rose / Trashqueen guitarist Phil Brookes pulled Calamity Sax together and roped in Westley. He went on to become General Manager of Mushroom Records where Garbage, Muse, Ash, Zero 7 and Paul Oakenfeld were launched and is now Hassle Records label manager and manages a number of bands. He is co-owner of Full Time Hobby (the holding company for Hassle) whose first release was Portland, Oregon based duo Viva Voce’s EP “Alive With Pleasure”.