(c’88-89) Tim Laws (guitar), Ryan Lee (vocals), Graeme Willis (bass), Steve McCutchson (keyboards), and Chris Laws (drums).

This pop/funk band appeared at the ABC Music sponsored Showcase ’89 on 15 July. 14 days later they were at Walton Playhouse, Walton for a Sounds Associated promotion that also included Backlash and two other bands.

Sounds Around” was a 1988 compilation of local bands compiled by Tim Laws of Two Extremes. Picture courtesy of David J. Griffiths

Tim Laws ran the Sounds Associated Recording (SAR) studios in Byfleet and compiled 1988’s “Sounds Around” compilation of local bands on the Sounds Associated label [SAR 1001]; which carried two Two Extremes tracks: “I Refuse” and “So Wrong”, along with submissions from Backlash, Yankee Drumsticks, World Spin, The Cry, Positive Thinking, and Hot Space.