What follows is a list of gigs, with images of tickets, adverts and flyers where possible, either at GU postcode venues or featuring bands, listed in bold, we like to claim are part of the Woking/GU Soundscene in 1981:

January 10
Village Hall, Chobham: The Fallen Angels w/ Ruf Justice, Hipgnosiz, and Omayyad.

January 15
The Royal, Guildford: Exposed
Civic Hall, Guildford: Toyah w/ UBz

January 16
The Cricketers, Westfield: The Mighty Strypes
University of Surrey, Guildford: Slade w/ Export

January 17
Clarendon, Hammersmith: M.I.5.

January 20
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Hard Up

January 22
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Blues Band
The Royal, Guildford: Extras
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: The Shades

January 23
Leisure Centre, Crawley: The Jam w/ The Purple Hearts

January 24
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: UBz
Victoria Hall, Ash Vale: Graffiti w/ Deadlock, & Crew

January 26
Waves, Three Tuns, Kingston: Static

January 27
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: White Colours w/ Tel Aviv Quartet

January 28
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: SpirelModels

January 29
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Sneak Preview

January 30
Woking College, Woking – Pain Relief w/ White Colours

January 31
University of Surrey, Guildford: The Look
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Prime Suspects

February 1
The Royal, Guildford: X-Band
The Cricketers, Westfield – The Mighty Strypes

February 3
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Zero Time w/ Consenting Adults

February 4
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Exposed

February 5
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: The Statix

February 6
The Cricketers, Westfield: Lower Levels
University of Surrey, Guildford: Hazel O’Connor’s Megahype w/ Prime Suspect

February 7
The Cricketers, Westfield: Tel Aviv Quartet

February 8
The Royal, Guildford: Human Beings

February 10
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Static

February 11
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Boogie Chillin
The Cricketers, Westfield: Panther

February 14
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Diana Mojo
The Cricketers, Westfield: The Jam

February 15
The Royal, Guildford: The Time

February 16
YMCA Centre, Woking: The Jam w/ The Purple Hearts and Department S

February 17
Youth Club, Sheerwater: The Jam w/ Dolly Mixture and The Questions

February 18
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: The Mode

February 19
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Future Days

February 20
The Cricketers, Westfield: 32:20

February 21
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: China Street

February 22
University of Nottingham: The Jam w/ The Purple Hearts

February 25
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: English Rogue

February 26
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Dead Meat

February 27
The Cricketers, Westfield: 32:20

March 6
Taboo Club, Scarborough: The Vapors

March 7
University of Durham, Durham: The Vapors
Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Approved Men

7 March 1981: Approved Men and support were at The Wooden Bridge, Guildford. Source: Ross Brown via Guildford Town Past & Present

March 10
Manchester Polytechnic: The Vapors
Youth Centre, Fleet: Deadlock

Deadlock Poster ’81

March 11
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Vapors

March 12
University of Sussex, Brighton: The Vapors w/ The Chords, and White Heat

12 March 1981: The Vapors, suppirted by The Chords, played the Mandela Hall, University of Sussex. Source: Owen Carne via The Vapors Fan Group

March 13
Aston University, Birmingham: The Vapors w/ The Chords

March 14
Aldenham College, Watford: The Vapors

March 16
Eves, Cheltenham: The Vapors

March 17
Cambridge Hotel, Camberley: Lethal Dose w/ Strontium 90

17 March 1981: Lethal Dose, supported by Strontium 90 (not the Police precursor), played at the Cambridge Hotel, Camberley. Picture borrowed (yeah, I stole it) from Paul Pomeroy

March 19
The Rock Garden. London: Nashville Teens

19 March 1981

March 20
Newcastle Poly: The Vapors
The X Club, Labour Club, Drayton: Quality Drivel w/ The Poles, Controls, and Dig Dig Dig

20 March 1981: Quality Drivel, supported by The Poles, Controls, and Dig Dig Dig were up at The X Club, Drayton Labour Club. Source: Stupid Rabbit Tapes

March 21
Porterhouse, Retford: The Vapors

March 22
Civic Hall, Halifax: The Vapors

March 24
Tiffany’s, Bath: The Vapors

March 25
West Midlands College, Walsall: The Vapors
Civic Hall, Guildford: Elvis Costello

Ticket #0069 for Elvis Costello and The Attractions at Civic Hall, Guildford on 25 March 1981

March 26:
Chequers, Barnstaple: The Vapors

March 27
The Venue, London: The Vapors
Farnborough Tech, Farnborough: Human Beings w/ Deadlock

Deadlock – Flyer ’81

March 28
Froebell Institute of H.E., Roehampton: The Vapors

April 9
Civic Hall, Guildford: Classic Nouveaux

April 17
Agincourt, Camberley: Quotations

April 20
White Hart, Southall: Nashville Teens w/ Reaction

May 4
Civic Hall, Guildford: Echo and the Bunnymen w/ Blue Orchids

May 26
Ritz, New York, USA: The Jam

June 10
Scamps, Oxford: The Mighty Strypes

10th June 1981 and The Mighty Strypes are up in Oxford at the now closed Scamps in the Westgate Centre.

June 17
The Rainbow, Finsbury Park: The Jam

June 20
Festival Pavilion, Skegness: The Jam w/ Positive Signals

June 21
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Undertones

June 22
Granby Hall, Leicester: The Jam

June 23
Guildhall, Portsmouth: The Jam

June 25
Civic Hall, Guildford: Split Enz
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Dolly Mixture & The Rapiers

25th June 1981: Grimstone put Dolly Mixture and The Rapiers on at The Woodenbridge

June 27
The New Florentine Gardens, Hollywood, USA: The Vapors w/ 20/20, and Code Blue

27 June 1981: The Vapors headlined The New Florentine Gardens, Hollywood with 20/20 and Code Blue in support. Source: Johnny Kardash

July 2
The Royal Hall, Bridlington Spa: The Jam

July 4
Market Hall, Carlisle: The Jam

July 5
Guildhall, Preston: The Jam

July 7
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Jam

July 8
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Jam

July 10
The Junction (at Bunters), Guildford: The Alligators w/ Panther

10 July 1981: The Alligators supported by Panther played Junction (top floor of Bunters), Guildford. Picture courtesy of John Hudson.

July 23
Broadwater County Secondary School, Farncombe: Blank Expression

23 July 1981: Broadwater County Secondary School presented Blank Expression, in concert, in aid of Buses for the Disabled. Picture courtesy of Chris Try

August 22
Sussex Hotel, Bognor Regis: Human Beings

A gig list for the Human Being covering August through October 1981. Picture courtesy of Steve Everett.

August 23
The White Hart, Purbrook: Human Beings

August 24
Robin Hood, Standford: Human Beings

August 25
Royal Oak, Passfield: Human Beings

August 28
Target, Reading: Human Beings

August 29
Jethroe’s Wine Bar, Windsor: Human Beings

September 12
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Black Expression

12 September 1981: Blank Expression were at The Wooden Bridge, Guildford. Picture courtesy of Chris Try.

September 19
Rocky’s Nite Spot, Farnborough: Human Beings

Cricketers, Westfield: Human Beings

September 28
Gossips, Dean Street, London: Human Beings

October 3
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Human Beings

October 10
The Adur, Brighton: Human Beings

October 16
The Royal Oak, Passfield: Human Beings

October 24
University of Surrey, Guildford: The Birthday Party w/ The Sleep, and Imperfect Hold

October 29
Robin Hood, Standford: Human Beings

October 30
Student Bar, Technical College, Farnborough: Human Beings

November 25
Aldgate Polytechnic, London – The Birthday Party w/ Death In June and Malaria

October 30
University of Surrey, Guildford: Nine Below Zero

November 6
University of Surrey, Guildford: Clint Eastwood w/ General Saint

November 7
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Drowning Craze w/ The Frotteurs, and Ferrari Red

Flyer from 1981 for a CND benefit gig at the Wooden Bridge. Friary Red was a misprint – the band was actually Ferrari Red.

November 28
Recreation Centre, Farnborough: Shakatak, Owen Washington, and Crosswinds

28 November 1981: Shakatak and Crosswinds were ‘live on stage’ at the “Soul Party” at Farnborough Recreation Centre. Source: Steve McKeown via Farnborough (Hants) Nostalgia

December 1
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Blank Expression

1 December 1981: Blank Expression, with support, played The Wooden Bridge, Guildford. Picture courtesy of Chris Try.

December 3
Marquee, London: Nashville Teens

December 5
University of Surrey, Guildford: The Bureau, w/ The Mo-dettes, Roddy Radiation and The Tearjerkers (The Good The Bad and The Ugly Tour)

December 11
Central London Polytechnic, London – The Birthday Party w/ Malaria and Death In June

1981: Death in June supporting The Birthday Party with Malaria…

December 12
Michael Sobell Sports Centre, London: The Jam w/ Dept. S, Bananarama, and The Questions

December 13
Michael Sobell Sports Centre, London: The Jam w/ 2nd Image, Bananarama, and The Rimshots

December 15
Hammersmith Palais, London: The Jam, The Ruts DC, Bananarama, and Reaction

December 17
Waves, Kingston: Static

December 19
“Hippodrome”, Golders Green, London: The Jam

December 23
The Wooden Bridge, Guildford: Human Beings w/ The Frotteurs

December 24
Starlight Club, Hampstead – Cutting Edge
Clarendon Hotel Ballroom, London – Paradise of Pain w/ Actifed, The Solicitors, and The Pests

Actifed support Paradise of Pain with The Soliciters and The Pests at the Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith – December 24th 1981