(c’90-’91) – Leo Hamilton (bass/vocals), and Mark E Brenchley (guitar/vocals).

Staggerance at The Cricketers, Westfield in 1990. Picture courtesy of Daniel Hiscocks

The duo known as The Staggerance were 16 when they started the band along with a drum machine.They hit the Woking indie scene running with some of the best song-titles ever – “Chippy’s Got A Spinach Bhaji”, “Home Battered Fillet of Cod”, “I Wish my Dad was Herman Munster”. “Keith Chegwin’s on the Bottle”, “Jim Bowen (What a Nice Man)”, and “Jimmy Hill (What’s He Ever Done)” among them. The first inkling of what was to come came in the form of the “Live Fish” cassette demo. The demo pre-dated any live appearances and carried 4 tracks: “Bad Trip”, “Vacant of Sense” and the aforementioned “Home Battered…” and “Vile Filthy…”.

Their rabid Woking College following gobbled up their “silly” punk songs and secured several Crix gigs supporting Backlash. “We realized very early on that it would be a very good idea to get them to support us” reported Vis of Backlash, while Brenchley advises that the “Woking College following were tested and given the all clear by what was then MAFF, later DEFRA.”

Oft reviewed by Phil Gibby in Soundscene, two Cassette EP’s titled “Men With A Porpoise”- which was dedicated to Woking FC – and “Surplus Bedding” hit the ground running, while The Staggerance’s ‘Vile Filthy Noise’ was #8 in Soundscene’s Top Ten Local Songs 1990. Nov ’91 saw disbandment rumors confirmed. Brenchley formed Woking four piece Space Heroes in Turmoil. Hamilton went on to join Big Wednesday, playing bass for them for 2 years, later playing guitar for the Emma Wilson Band who toured with The Fine Young Cannibals. By mid-2001 Hamilton was performing solo in London to some positive reviews.