(c’89-90) – Rod Pirerra (vocals), Daren Grout (guitar), Darren Butler (bass) and Isobel Jones (drums).

A raw Frantic t-shirt. Picture courtesy of Steve Porter

Born out of the creative hotbed that was West Surrey College of Art and Design, Frantic’s Pixies-esque sound charmed many. An early triumph was their support, with Blue Velvet, of Morrisey’s ‘favorite band’ band Bradford at The West End Centre, Aldershot in November ’89. The next year, the band’s headlining debut at The Cricketers, Westfield in January left the band’s manager, Bjorn proclaiming “We’re going to be massive”, a few day’s later they were at the Fox & Hounds, Fleet for a similarly well received showing. The next month they were playing the Lady Owen Arms, London and then supported Who Moved The Ground?, with Fear and The Sack at the West End Centre on 31 March ’90. Ten weeks later, on 9 June, they were back at the venue with Bubble Eyed Bog Boys, supporting Carter USM.

1990 saw the release of two demo cassettes, the eponymous “Frantic”, recorded at Soundwerx, Stroud, This presented to the world 5 tracks: “Goodbye”, “Dummy Too Real”, “Velveteena”, “I’m Alive” and “Delirious”. The second, “Blue”, with it’s hand painted sleeves; which was recorded at Ghost Studios, Send; was a four track cassette EP, carring “Nutritious”, “Blue”, “Untitled” and “Pop Song”.

Frantic continued to play regularly and supported The Ha Ha Men on a number of occasions, and vice versa. A signature track was their cover of “Ring of Fire”. A 7″ single was produced at some point. The bands last gig was at Cove Labour Hall in late ’90, with Frantic morphing, with Pirerra who was originally from King’s Lynn, forming Big Sun and Grout joining forces with Steve Porter, Jason Barker, and Shaun Jackson to form Peachrazor.