(c’89-’99) GuilFin wasn’t a fanzine, but that is where you’d often find it nestled in independent record stores across Surrey, East and West Sussex, Hampshire and into Kent. This underground publication, part of the Free Information Network, was distributed (nearly) every month from 1989 to 1999 as a free listings sheet and originated and was based in Guildford. The Guildford Free Information Newsheet as it was originally called provided information on events, gigs, parties, clubs, shows, meetings, direct action protests and much more, with a readership that reached over 30,000 per month. And, every year, it produced possibly the most comprehensive summer festival directory in the UK, from free festivals to full blown commercial events.

Thayen Rich, Liam Rich and Alan Chapman were the main driving force behind Guilfin, with numerous others who helped and made various Guilfin projects a success. Projects like the GuilFin Ambient Lounge, a 24-hour performance and campaign venue that toured a number of UK festivals such as Glastonbury and GuilFest, led by event producer Liam.

The Rich’s co-founded GuilFin, with Thayen designing all of the publication’s graphics, many of which would become available as limited-edition posters; while Liam compiled the listings, dealt with printers and distributors; Chapman did the music reviews and acted as Guilfin’s public relations officer. While later editions were indeed printed, early copies were photocopied, through the night, on a Soho based leading advertising agency’s photocopier – the same agency that employed Thayen – with the brothers leaving a dawn before the studio manager could catch them. In the early 90’s, local label Music & Elsewhere helped support the newsletter with a number of Guilfin Benefit Tapes [MMATT 36, 38, 40 & 41].

MMATT 36, 38, 40 & 41 Guilfin Benefit Tapes

During and since Guilfin time, Thayen has been a comic illustrator for the Jeff Hawke newspaper strip, the 2000AD comic anthology and Lance McLane in the Scottish Daily Record. This led to story-boarding for films, TV and commercials, which he has kept him employed for many years and supports his campaign and art work, which you can sample at Corrosive8art. Liam went on to co-produce the Ambient Green Picnic/Festival and is now an accomplished event producer and arts project manager, just check out some of his work at Rich Create. You can see more Guilfin memorabilia on the Guilfin Facebook Page.