What follows is a list of gigs, with images of tickets, adverts and flyers where possible, either at GU postcode venues or featuring bands, listed in bold, we like to claim are part of the Woking/GU Soundscene in 1972:

January 2
Civic Hall, Guildford: Strawbs w/ Pure Wings

January 8
Technical College, Farnborough: Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come w/ BB Blunder

January 25
Civic Hall, Guildford: Jimmy Shand & His Band w/ Jimmy McWilliams, Pipe Major Alastir MacFarlene, and Angus Fitchet

Source: Ken Horne via Guildford Town Past & Present

January 28
Marquee, London: Duster Bennett w/ Zoot Money

January 29
Technical College, Farnborough: Hawkwind w/ Open Road
University of Surrey, Guildford: Genesis

February 4
University of Surrey, Guildford: Bronco w/ John Martyn, and Claire Hammill

February 5
Technical College, Farnborough: Climax Chicago w/ Alan Bown

February 9
Civic Hall, Guildford: Wishbone Ash w/ Glencoe

Source: Ken Horne via Guildford Town Past & Present

February 12
Technical College, Farnborough: Lindisfarne w/ Khan

February 13
Civic Hall, Guildford: Audience w/ Gordon Haskell

February 17
Civic Hall, Guildford: The Spinners

Source: Ken Horne via Guildford Town Past & Present

February 20
Civic Hall, Guildford: Al Stewart w/ Thunderclap Newman, and Roger Ruskin Speare

February 26
Bracknell Sports Centre: Kingdom Come w/ Arthur Brown, Genesis, and Morgan

26 February 1972: Genesis along with Morgan supported Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come at Bracknell Sports Centre. Source: Andrew Kilderry via Keep It Out Of Sight

March 2
Civic Hall, Guildford: Hardin & York

March 11
Technical College, Farnborough: Roger Ruskin Speare w/ Thunderclap Newman, and Tea & Symphony

March 12
Technical College, Farnborough: Roger Ruskin Speare w/ Bridget St. John, and Gordon Giltrap

March 17
Technical College, Farnborough: Tony Hazzard

March 21
Civic Hall, Guildford: Rory Gallagher w/ Byzantium

March 22
Civic Hall, Guildford: Barclay James Harvest w/ Matching Mole

March 24
Technical College, Farnborough: Steeleye Span w/ Ben
Technical College, Guildford: Flash

April 9
Civic Hall, Guildford: Moot The Hoople w/ Hackensack and Max Wall

April 13
Civic Hall, Guildford: Edgar Broughton Band (cancelled due to illness)

April 26
Civic Hall, Guildford: Ralph McTell

April 27
The Marquee, London: Vinegar Joe w/ Camel
West Surrey Art College, Farnham: Skin Alley

April 30
Civic Hall, Guildford: Genesis w/Ben

May 4
Growling Budgie, Ilford: Unicorn

May 7
Civic Hall, Guildford: ELO w/ Colin Blunstone

May 12
Pantiles, Bagshot: Little Free Rock

May 13
Technical College, Farnborough: Audience w/ Truck

May 14
Civic Hall, Guildford: Slade w/ Status Quo

May 18
Civic Hall, Guildford: Cleo Laine and the Johnny Dankworth Quartet

May 19
The Marquee, London: Duster Bennett w/ Brunning Hall

May 20
Technical College, Farnborough: Gypsy w/ Good Habit

May 21
Civic Hall, Guildford: Brewer’s Droop w/ Climax Chicago

May 27
Civic Hall, Guildford: Uriah Heep
Technical College, Farnborough: Genesis w/ Nimbo

May 28
Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough: Rocharch
Growling Budgie, Ilford: Unicorn

May 31
Cambridge Hotel, Camberley: Montanas

June 4
Arts Centre, Church Crookham: Rocharch w/ Fusion

June 8
Civic Hall, Guildford: Audience w/ Flash

June 11
Civic Hall, Guildford: Kingdom Come w/ Swaztika

June 15
Civic Hall, Guildford: Caravan w/ Khan, and The Parlour Band

June 24
Civic Hall, Guildford: David Bowie

June 29
Civic Hall, Guildford: If w/ Help Yourself

June 30
Pantiles, Bagshot: Little Free Rock

July 1
Guildford Free Festival, University of Surrey, Guildford: Capability Brown

July 2
Civic Hall, Guildford: Hawkwind

July 8
Technical College, Farnborough: Sha Na Na w/ Swastika

July 14
Lyceum, London: Genesis w/ Audience, and Capability Brown

July 18
The Marquee, London: Third Ear Band w/ Camel

July 22
Winter Gardens, Malvern: The Soft Machine w/ Unicorn

July 23
Civic Hall, Guildford: Stackridge w/ Camel

July 28
Pantiles, Bagshot: Littlev Free Rock

August 13
Civic Hall, Guildford: Mott the Hoople w/ Fruupp

August 25
Civic Hall, Guildford: Renaissance

August 28
Windsor Free Festival, Windsor Great Park: Rocharch

September 2
Jane Sylvester’s Barn, Fleet: Rocharch

September 3
Civic Hall, Guildford: Stray w/ Snake Eye

September 9
Civic Hall, Guildford: Colin Blunstone

September 19
The Marquee, London: Genesis w/ Spreadeagle

October 1
Civic Hall, Guildford: ELO

October 6
University of Surrey, Guildford: Hackensack

October 13
University of Surrey, Guildford: Hardin & York w/ Gary Moore Band

October 21
Technical College, Farnborough: Climax Chicago Blues Band

October 27
University of Surrey, Guildford: East Of Eden w/ Capability Brown

November 1
Civic Hall. Guildford: Soft Machine w/ Mick Greenwood

November 5
Civic Hall. Guildford: Al Stewart w/ Mike Cooper

November 10
Civic Hall. Guildford: Pentangle
University of Surrey, Guildford: Skin Alley

November 11
Technical College, Farnborough: Groundhogs w/ Badger

11 November 1972: The Groundhogs, Farnborough Technical College. Source: Don West via Farnborough (Hants) Nostalgia

The Marque, London: Genesis w/ Mahatma Kane Jeeves

November 12
Fairfield Hall, Croydon: Genesis w/ Capability Brown And Atacama

November 13
Civic Hall. Guildford: King Crimson

November 15
Civic Hall. Guildford: Genesis

November 17
University of Surrey, Guildford: Rare Bird

November 20
Civic Hall. Guildford: Roxy Music

November 22
Civic Hall. Guildford: Snake Eye

November 25
Technical College, Farnborough: Stray w/ Magic Muscle

25 November 1972: Poster for Stray, supported by Magic Muscle at Farnborough Tech. Picture courtesy of Paul Trew

November 26
Civic Hall, Guildford: Status Quo w/ Byzantium

November 29
Civic Hall. Guildford: Ralph McTell w/ Natural Acoustic Band

December 15
University of Surrey. Guildford: Fusion Orchestra

December 16
Technical College, Farnborough: Stackridge w/ The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra

16 December 1972: The Stackridge “Treasure Island” Tour came to Farnborough Tech, with The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra. Picture courtesy of Paul Trew

December 17
HM Prison, Woking: Skin Alley

December 18
?, Aldershot: Home

December 20
Civic Hall. Guildford: Wishbone Ash

December 28
Civic Hall. Guildford: Stackridge