(c’80-’87 & ’91-’93) Alistair Redler (bass), Ant Ön de Croft (guitar), Dom Spalding (vocals), and Roger Scadeng (drums).

In ’85 they released “Having A Wail of a Time”.

1985’s “Having a Wail of a Time”

Between formation and early ’87 – when the band reportedly split – they rotated through 13 drummers. In ’91 Ghert Mint released the “Scarlet EP” tape.

1991’s “Scarlet EP”

There was also an cassette LP titled “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” and rumors of a second LP titled “Folk” in the early 90’s.

c’89 de Croft played bass with Dirty Earbash. On 10 February 2017 he passed in his sleep.

James Steen looked back at 1987 in the 31st December ’87. This is the February section of that issues Soundscene column. If anyone can help with the blurry section it would be much appreciated.